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by - November 07, 2017

Edit: At the time of writing this, TWG has revamped their menu and half of the items below have been replaced.

Update 28 Nov 2017: Tried their pan-seared cod and boy, it's good! Also glad to say that their wagyu steak hasn't changed :) Do check out my Instagram @angelinenie for more food!

If you follow me on instagram (@angelinenie), you will know by now that I'm a huge, huge fan of TWG, especially their Wagyu steak. Not because I'm 'atas', but because with the Amex platinum card, I get 50% off the entire menu with 2 pax, and TWG actually has pretty good food. 

Food: 4/5
Price: $$/$$$
Service: 3/5
(I always feel like they judge me when I ask for butter or water.....)
Ambience: 4/5 (I love their classical music playlist!)
Tip: Ask for butter for the accompanying bun that comes with each main course. The butter is THE BOMB as it comes with green tea leaves and roasted brown rice. So, so good!

Now, just a small reality check - for those who think that TWG is actually a really luxurious tea brand from overseas, it isn't. It's actually Singapore owned and was established in 2008. TWG is short for The Wellbeing Group, and 1837 is the year Singapore became a trading post for tea- hence 1837 TWG.... But nonetheless, they've expanded all around the world in quite a number of countries (including US and UK) and that is impressive!

They're not kidding about being a luxurious tea brand though, as prices of tea start at about $11 per pot, and mind you, it's non-refillable. This makes the Amex card all the more precious. Do note that this isn't an advertisement for Amex. I'm just really aunty. LOL.

Now starting off with my favorite from their menu....
Wagyu Beef Steak - $35

A 200 day grain-fed wagyu sirloin steak served with brown sauce accompanied by mesclun salad and truffled matcha matchstick potatoes (a.k.a fries). The wagyu is thick and juicy, but I would recommend medium rare because they aren't very consistent with the "doneness" sometimes. I especially like the deep fried crepe cup which holds the fries- when dipped into the brown sauce, it's buttery and savory all at once.

P.S. I think TWG just recently revamped their menu as they now have wagyu beef steak with green peppercorn sauce instead of the brown one. But I'm pretty sure it'll still be good even with a change of sauce.

Norwegian Salmon & Matcha Beurre Blanc - $28

This is another one of my favorites and I'm glad to see that it's still on the new menu.  We have chunks of salmon caramelized with terriyaki sauce and accompanied by coconut ginger rice, sauteed oyster mushrooms and served with a matcha beurre blanc sauce (which basically tastes like creamy matcha, with a slightly foamy texture).

I really love the combination of flavours on this one- the coconut ginger rice is super duper fragrant (and creamy so it can be quite cloying and filling), and it's balanced with the saltiness of the terriyaki sauce from the salmon.

Roasted chicken- $26

The roasted chicken I had back then had an Asian influence and nutty tones. I believe this one is different from the new roasted chicken on their menu which is infused with Lavender Tea (!!!).

Nonetheless, given that this chicken I had was juicy and absolutely delicious, I believe their new roasted chicken should be really good too! Can't wait to try it out because, LAVENDER HELLO.

I had brunch on a separate day and decided to catalog the two dishes we tried as well. Though the pictures here are taken with a iPhone so pardon the quality.

Omelette- $19

I love love love fluffy omelettes and this was one really good omelette and super thick.  P.S. pardon the droplets of sauce as my friend's lactose intolerant so she kind of just drizzled random drops of the accompanying cheese sauce.

Club Sandwich- $21

Toasted homemade pain de mie with slow-cooked chicken breast layered with fried egg and smoked veal bacon, Roma tomatoes and lettuce, accompanied by a green salad and 1837 Green Tea infused vinaigrette. This is one hell of a comforting breakfast which is extremely sinful for a sandwich but SO SO good. I like that the yolk for their fried egg isn't completely cooked so it's still slightly runny and adds an egg-ier touch to the whole thing.

As for drinks, do give their tea mocktails a try as you would be surprised by how delicious they are. My favourite is the Dulcet Rose ($11) on the left, which is a mixture of lychee juice and rose tea. This is an extremely refreshing drink and not too sweet! For dessert, I highly recommend their tea ice creams (I love the sorbet!)

Okay honestly, typing this post was a bit of a bummer for me because I only just discovered the change in menu and it was only 1 month ago that I took these -.- So technically this isn't a 100% useful post (face palm). Problems with untimely posting... #iblamework as always.

But nonetheless, what I can say for sure is that TWG really has good (and substantial) food. They're often mistaken for just a high tea place, but honestly, their food is good and with the Amex discount, it's super worth the money too. I therefore have faith that their new dishes would be good too although I haven't tried them. And now, all the more reason for me to go back again to try!

1837 TWG Tea 
List of locations in Singapore: https://www.twgtea.com/location?country=SG
Do note that the branches in the airport do not serve food.

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