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by - November 02, 2017

(P.S. I was just on another beach holiday in Phuket. Follow me @angelinenie for updates as I will not be blogging about Phuket.)  

Bali will forever and ever be one of my favorite beach holiday destinations. Not only is it cheap, the skies in the evenings are simply magical. Sure, the skies at the beaches in Aussie are really pretty too, but they're more blue than any other colour. The skies in Bali though, stretches across a wide span of colours- pink, purple, orange, yellow etc. Even Phuket (Patong beach in particular, which is where I am at now) pales in comparison.

More specifically, Seminyak is my favourite part of Bali. I travel to Bali about twice a year it seems, judging from the past 3 years, and I've always stayed in Seminyak. Seminyak is supposedly the more "atas" and less crowded part of Bali. Kuta is apparently over populated by tourists. Not a fan. Ubud is known for its rice fields, but I have a lot more affinity with the sea. Something about the sea is just super calming, don't you think?

So I haven't really been keeping much of a photo diary whenever I travel to Bali. Afterall, cameras cannot capture accurately the true beauty of nature (or maybe I am just bad at photography, which is also... well... true..........)

I decided to catalog a post on Bali for those who are interested in an itinerary, complete with pictures of the place of course.  Details food reviews will be out in a few separate posts as usual.

(P.P.S. Pictures are accumulated over the past 3 years and are a taken with either an iPhone or my Sony Alpa). 

IMG_6322 IMG_3048


Brunch food
  •  Sisterfields (coffee is good, charcoal pulled pork bun, lamb ragout pasta if you aren’t sensitive to the smell of lamb, acai bowl is the bomb—no reservations allowed)
  • Revolver Café (coffee is AMAZING, I bought a packet of espresso beans and asked them to grind it and brought home to SG)
  • The Fat Turtle
  • Sea Circus

Indonesian food
  • Merah Putih
o   Nothing beats their nasi goreng and this is considered quite fine dining- slippers are allowed but guys cannot wear singlet I think. They only open until 2pm for lunch and then dinner starts at 6 I think. The place is GORGEOUS.)
  • Breeze restaurant @ the Samaya (villa/hotel)
o   Literally dinner by the beach. Satay is superb! Best I’ve had! Must go in the evening for dinner because you get to enjoy the sunset. Cocktails are good too.
View from Breeze is superb!

  • Warung Made, Seminyak for nasi campur, nasi goreng
  • Biku

  •  Potato Head
o   BUT I think it’s overrated and it gets so, so crowded. You need to get there early and reserve a place in the morning just to get to “enjoy” the sunset by the infinity pool. I recommend you go just to try the cocktails and dip into the pool a little. Take some photos then move on.
o   Also, I don’t like their cocktails. Somehow everything I ordered there tasted weird.
o   Oh,  exit Potato Head into the beach and spend your afternoon lazing on the beach chairs by random vendors which go for about $7? The price is negotiable.
Inside Potato Head 

  •  Ku De Ta
o   OMG this is the best bar/beach house everrrr. I recommend coming here and chilling at night because the sky is always FULL OF STARS and if u get the sofa beds, you get to enjoy sound/sight of the waves crashing onto the shore too
o   The cocktails ARE SO GOOD. The finger food ARE SO GOOD. I love the chicken wings!!!

Other cuisine
  • Motel Mexicola
o   Good Mexican food and great mojito, plus the place is super pretty! Come at night and the place turns into a party!
  • Hog Wild (previously known as Naughty Nuri’s)
o   Must try the delicious pork ribs and sweet potato fries
There's actually a Naughty Nuri's still in Seminyak but I much prefer Hog Wild as the bbq sauce for the ribs is a lot tastier

Massage & Spa
  • ·         Bening Spa
This is the BEST massage place I’ve found in the whole of Seminyak. It is CHEAP and GOOD. Please don’t waste your money on random massage parlors. The Balinese massage here is about S$9 for ONE HOUR. It’s very very good and I always go back to this spa place

Address: JL. Batu Belig 100, Batu Belig, Kerobokan, Kuta, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

The spa is located directly opposite Fat Boys (yes, they have the burger place in Bali now!). But if you are at Wild Hog, you can walk to Bening Spa which is only about 10 mins walk max.

Sign to Revolver Coffee, which is located at a side alley
Famous picture spot @W Hotel - pretend that you're in the Arashi Bamboo Forest for a while.
DSC08683 DSC08681 DSC08875


I recommend doing a day trip out of Seminyak and this will require a driver who will bring you around for 1 whole day. You can do uluwatu temple (or any other temple like Tanah Lot) or explore Ubud marketplace in the day and then get your ass over to Ayana Rock Bar by 4pm/430pm latest to get a place at the front of the cliff. THIS BAR IS A MUST VISIT. It has the view of the sea and it’s a bloody bar ON A CLIFF. The sunsets are SPECTACULAR and it gets full/crowded/good seats taken if you arrive later than 430pm. The cocktails are good and so are the finger food. I highly recommend having some finger food and cocktails first and by the time the sun finish setting at about 6plus, get the driver to bring you to Menega Café @ Jimbaran Bay for seafood dinner by the beach and then head home!

The usual driver that I use when I'm in Bali is called Gede and he can be contacted at +62 816 4718 998. He speaks pretty good English and is really friendly and knowledgeable. Mention my name (Angeline) if needed! 

DSC08752 DSC08818 DSC08851 DSC08797

The above 4 pictures are taken at Ayana Rock Bar, which will forever hold a special place in my heart as one of my favourite bars in the world. Unfortunately that day was pretty cloudy so we didn't get to see a range of sunset hues. On a cloudless evening, you get to see a range of orange, golden and pink tones. So, so pretty. Nonetheless, the view is spectacular and nothing beats watching the sun set with an unparalleled and un-disrupted view right by the cliff, while sipping on cocktails and munching on delicious food. 

P.S.S.S if you need a pdf copy of the itinerary above, do drop me an email at and I'll be glad to share :)

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