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For people who think that tea places just serve non-filling high tea food at obnoxious prices, Arteastiq is another place which would get you to reconsider that notion.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: $$/$$$
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5 (I love their plush sofas)
Tip: One for one main courses and signature teasery on the Entertainer App!


In addition to my all-time favourite TWG, Arteastiq is another place which serves good food in addition to a wide range of tea. And for the latter, I have to say I actually prefer Arteastiq's. Their presentation of teas plus pairing of delectable tea nibbles definitely score bonus points. Plus, their teas are slightly less expensive, although a lot smaller in range.

I remember Arteastiq as the first tea boutique and art jamming place in Singapore. They have been around for a long time now, but I have never really been there until last year. I too thought they only served expensive tea, and never bothered to explore their menu until I had the Entertainer App which came with 1-for-1 main course and high tea set (i.e. signature teasery).

#notanadvertisement I swear.

The signature teasery ($48++) was huge and the food was pretty decent. I'm pretty sure it feeds 2 people, but because of the 1-for-1, we were stuffed. That was my first experience at Arteastiq and I decided to head back to try the main courses.

Not the first time that I'm sniggering at attempts to name places/dishes etc. Arteastiq has a name for each dish (which I may not necessarily nod in agreement to) but they're all pretty good.

Rage of the Spartans – Arrabiata Stew ($19)
This is a simple and warm stew perfect for rainy days. It's sauteed turkey bacon and chicken cheese sausages in Arrabiata sauce topped with sunny-side up and served with toast. I actually really love this dish because it's just so, so perfect as comfort food. The stew was sweet and tangy and they did not scrimp on the meats. Even the toast were crispy and worked really well when dipped in stew and dripped with runny egg yolk. But seriously, LOL at the name. Definitely no rage here for this lovely dish.

Boston Loveboat – Cioppino ($27)
Next up is another stew but served in a delicious baked pastry bowl The stew is made up of baby octopus, salmon, scallop & prawns in claypot, baked En Feuillantine and served with Arugula. This is extremely hearty and although the stew is only up to half of the baked pastry, this is not a light meal. I mean the entire delicious En Feuillantine is essentially carbs. Plus you get so much seafood. The stew reminds me of arrabiata but with seafood flavours. Very yummy. Another dish perfect for the cold weather. I really love the En Feuillantine. It's buttery, flaky and moist at the same time.

I get the Boston reference, but not the loveboat part. Is it because it's seafood in a bowl...? #nolink #tryingveryhard #fail

The Royal Princess – Salmon Wellington ($27)
Who doesn't love wellingtons? Wellingtons may have reminded people of boots in the past but thanks to the rise of Masterchef and Gordon Ramsay's famous beef wellington, everyone now wants to try a wellington. The Salmon Wellington at Ateastiq is one of my favorites and it is a pretty big portion. It is essentially salmon wrapped in puff pastry with mushroom capers pate, served with sautéed asparagus, cabbages, and lemon butter sauce. Do note that this dish takes about 20mins to make.

I love the addition of lemon butter tanginess to the chunky salmon. The sauce isn't cloying and is therefore a welcomed addition to an otherwise slightly dry dish. But I suspect it's part of being wrapped up in puff pastry like a dumpling.

Truffle Sweet Potato Fries ($15)
The usual suspect for an appetizer, the sweet potato fries are served with Horseradish Aioli. I couldn't taste much of the horseradish though (thank god. But bad news for horseradish fans I guess...). But their sweet potato fries are really sweet and fried to a crispy orangey-brown and so very addictive. Would love to have more truffle to go with the fries though.

Now ladies, if your man refuses to go for a meal there because they think they need real food, there you have it! Tempt them with the huge salmon wellington (and one-for-one deal)!


2 locations:
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Rd, 04-14/15, Singapore 238867

Plaza Singapura
 68 Orchard Rd #03-70/72, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

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