The Garden Slug

by - August 18, 2017

The Garden Slug has long been one of my favourite places to have brunch at on weekends and, (surprise, surprise!!) it's in the East. I discovered this little place when I was giving tuition at Telok Kurau during my university days.
I like that this very casual, un-done up (anyone knows a word for this? It's not really no-frills since they do have some decor) place serves delicious comfort food and is not crowded on weekends. Okay, the latter can be a cause for concern, but I'm going to assume that since they've been around for years, they have more deliveries than dine-ins.
So, if you're looking for a quiet and simple place for brunch on weekends, you've found a hidden gem!
Food: 4/5
Price: $$/$$$
Service: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 3/5
(there isn't much of an ambiance, but it's really chill and quiet!)
Tip: One for one mains and drinks on the Entertainer and Cheers app respectively.
Starting with one of my all time favorite on their menu, the Aporkalypse Burger!
DSC01175 Aporkalypse Burger - $42
This is one hell of a giant burger of pure joy with pulled pork in delicious BBQ sauce. It contains crispy tempura bacon and a giant sausage to top it off. I love the home cooked feel of the pulled pork and I like how the BBQ sauce isn't too sweet or artificial. The star of the dish though has got to be the amazing sweet potato fries with bits of garlic. They are super addictive!
P.S. Somehow I don't remember the burger to be this pricey- they might have upped the price; or maybe it's thanks to the Entertainer app that I didn't feel the pinch of this. But objectively speaking, if you do not have a one for one, the burger is not worth the price.
The Three Little Pigs - $19.50
This is another favorite of mine. A glorious mess of fried sausage, bacon and ham hashed with mushroom cheese melt and potato egg bake. This is real comfort food for weekend brunch- all things sinful but oh-so-good, put together for an extremely savory and delicious meal. The egg comes half baked so spread some of the yolk around and enjoy!

For the quality of food they serve, they are really underrated and the fact that the quality hasn't changed over the years is remarkable for a small establishment.

The Garden Slug
Address: 55 Lor L Telok Kurau, Singapore 425500

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