Doongji Restaurant

by - August 11, 2017

Thanks to the K wave that washed over Singapore many year ago, it is now pretty easy to find authentic Korean food at restaurants owned by Koreans. And despite many restaurants popping up over the years, I still have to say that one of my favorites is Kim Dae Mun at Concorde Hotel Singapore. Despite being located inside a hotel, the prices are extremely affordable- food court prices at less than $10 per meal. So if your pockets are ever in a pinch and you still want good Korean food, you know where to go.

But of course, I digressed... So in the East, we have Doong Ji Korean Restaurant which I've only just discovered this year (because the East is damn far #firstworldproblems) because of a change in my work place. Doong Ji Korean Restaurant is also owned by Koreans and they're always full (with Koreans and locals alike), so it would be good to book a table before heading down for a meal.  Plus, for the huge portions they serve and the quality, the food here is well worth its price tag. 

Food: 4/5
Price: $/$$$ (since you can share most of their food!)
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Tip: Book a table for dinner; and parking is a b****

Budae Sausage Steamboat - $39.50

I'm going to start with what I feel is their SUPERSTAR dish. Their budae jiggae (also known as korean army stew) is HUGE and FULL of meat (sausages & spam), beans and tofu. The soup is really thick, flavorful and slightly spicy. I think a huge part of what makes a good army stew is the soup base and you really get a good 'kick' out of this one. Plus with tons of ingredients inside, you will be more than satisfied. This is good for more than 2 people to share so do just order 1 if you have 2-4 people. 

Bulgogi - $19.50

Next up is my second favourite dish- their sweet and juicy beef bulgogi. I actually never knew beef bulgogi was supposed to be slightly sweet (thanks to mediocre korean food at food courts) until I visited Korea 5 years back. The one here reminds me of the ones found in Korea- thin slices of beef soaked in slight sweet sauce with tons of sauteed onions. Plus look at how huge this portion of bulgogi is! Again, good for sharing. 

Seafood Pancake - $17

This is one hell of a large and delicious pancake. I like pancakes that aren't too thin and this one here is also FILLED with seafood. Fried till golden brown and with a slight crisp, each bite is chewy, seafood-y and crispy at the same time. 

Corn with Cheese 

I do have to apologise as I can't remember the price for this, and I can't actually remember the actual name of it either. This appetizer is not part of their usual menu, but it was still on their "new/promotional/seasonal??" menu the two times I've been there in the 6 months. There isn't anything special about corn and cheese, but it's just a mega shiok dish with loads of melted cheese. If you're a cheese lover, do give this a try, but please share because it gets cloying. 


Ending off the post with a popular beverage among locals-- makgeolli, which is a slightly sweet alcoholic beverage made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk. They actually do vary in sweetness depending on the brand, and I prefer the sweeter and milkier looking ones. The makgeolli here is exactly the way I like it and I love that it's served in a big bowl, which is again, perfect for sharing. 

Oh and you get free flow sides (6 of them!!!) with every meal. They're really generous with their sides so technically, you can be full just from having sides. Heh. 

If you're living in the East, or heading to the East, do consider this little Korean restaurant nestled amongst the row of shops along East Coast Road!

Doongji Restaurant 
222 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428919 
P.S. They do delivery! Check out their website here.

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