Angelinenie 2.0

by - July 11, 2017

Hello guys! For those who knew this space since 2010 when I first started, welcome back! For those who are new here, welcome too!

Some of you know that I stopped updating this blog in or around 2014 when I graduated from university and started working full time. There was just no time or energy for this while working as a lawyer.

In late 2016, I made the decision to move out of private practice in a bid to revive this, amongst other things. Because, you know, we're only young once. So after many months of work (and procrastination, mainly) version 2.0 is launched!

I've archived all my old posts from version 1.0, save for some which I felt may still relevant (and exists) in today's food scene, so I thought it would be good to keep the information alive.

I am excited to continue sharing more stuff with you guys on this little space (well mostly I just want to have somewhere to publish my photos lol). So do check back regularly and thanks for reading!

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