Le Le Pot

by - December 21, 2014

After a crazy night at Zouk when Dash Berlin was spinning, the roomie and I needed some warm comfort post-drinks food for lunch.

And yes, this was months ago.

All my posts are never on time.

And yes I last posted more than a month back.

I blame work. I really do. It sucks up all my energy. And now I have a HUGE backlog of photos.

So much food to share, so little time :(

But thank god for Instagram and Yummypin. Both applications allow me to update on the go.

So back to Le Le Pot aka 乐乐锅, this is my second time having it. I first posted on this yummy steamboat place maybe 2 years back? I know Hai Di Lau is all the rage now and I've tried Hai Di Lau but what the heck it's so damn pricey. And how can a steamboat not be buffet style?! #clearlyaglutton

Hai Di Lau is good. But really the price prevents me from going back there any time soon. Le Le Pot, on the other hand, has an amazing price of $21.80 for a weekend buffet.



Although there really is nothing special about the range of food served there, what I really really love about Le Le Pot is the tom yum soup base. I have never had any other tom yum soup better than the one served at Le Le Pot. It's sour and not too spicy, almost as if it's tomato base.


Roomie can attest to that. She loves Le Le Pot because of the tom yum soup, and mind you she's picky about tom yum soup. She loves it so much, she went again with her family a week after.


And of course, the lychee freeze drink is just superb on a hot day and super refreshing.

The food is fresh in general and they have a wide range of cooked food too. I have to say though that their cheese fries standard has dropped a little. The fries came a bit soggy this time.


Other than that, everything is great! I still love their fried mantou with condensed milk.

To date, Le Le Pot still holds the title of favourite steamboat place, even after 2 years.

Le Le Pot 乐乐锅
Address: #01-23, Blk 58,
Seng Poh Road 
(Opposite Tiong Bahru Market)
Singapore 160058

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