Danang & Marble Mountains, Vietnam: Sights

by - September 12, 2017

One of the biggest attractions in Danang is the Marble Mountains, which is a cluster of five marble and limestone hills. The mountains is also rich in Buddhism as they house many deities and gods, and attract many worshipers. My favourite one has got to be the Buddha statue housed within the marble walls. I wonder if the statue was actually carved out from the cave walls. 

IMG_6161 IMG_6162 IMG_6166
Entrance to a cave  
IMG_6159 IMG_6193
Me (on the left) and the best friend <3

If you climb up to the peak of the mountains, you get to enjoy the view of Danang city and the beautiful surrounding sea. And if you are adventurous (and not claustrophobic), you can climb up to the peak via little tunnels in the caves, instead of the hundreds of steps. Be very careful though as there are no human guides around and safety is entirely within your own control- the rocky steps up to the top aren't the most stable and the steps are quite wide apart. That makes climbing down a slight problem too. I was climbing up and down on all fours, literally. (The best friend gave up and decided to wait for me while sitting on a comfortable bench because the weather was scorching hot and she was in heeled sneakers hahahahah.) I highly recommend that you come in comfortable attire if you intend to climb through the caves. 

IMG_6167 IMG_6192 IMG_6180

I find that the only other thing worth visiting in Danang are the clean and sandy white beaches. The beaches are relatively undeveloped (compared to popular beach destinations like Phuket and Bali) so you get really cheap prices and very, very clean and uncrowded beaches. A bottle of beer costs S$3. 

IMG_6096 IMG_6117 IMG_6246

Danang city itself is like any other city, but I was surprised to see how different it was to it's southern cousin, Ho Chi Minh. They do not have a cafe culture (yet) and you can hardly find any air conditioned places and convenience stores. But the upside of it being less "modernized" would be that there are A LOT less traffic. And it somehow has a much calmer and safer vibe than Ho Chi Minh. Back in Ho Chi Minh, crossing the road was an obstacle in itself. 

Needless to say, I love Danang a lot more because it has a nice balance of the city, the beach and the arts (a short trip to Hoi An is only 30mins!). For those who are curious about how I get around Danang and Hoi An- I used Grab which I find to be very convenient. It saves me the hassle of having to attempt to pronounce words in Vietnamese accent. It is also cheaper though taxis there aren't very expensive to begin with. 

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