Cinnamoroll x Kumoya

by - July 21, 2017

So there's one thing most people do not know about me: I LOVE CINNAMOROLL. It's my favourite Sanrio character and possibly the only Sanrio character I'm truly like (because girls being girls, we may occasionally (simply) squeal at the mere sight of cute characters. So no, I do not like Hello Kitty although it is cute.). 

I usually stay away from themed cafes (unless I'm in Taiwan, which is actually known for them) because the food is usually bad and overpriced. But because I have no power over Cinnamoroll, I succumbed to its cuteness and joined the crowd in queuing for this adorable little dog (to be honest, I always thought it was a rabbit, until Google came into my life and told me I was wrong). 

Anyway, Kumoya, Singapore's first Halal-certified Japanese-French cafe has been converted into a Cinnamoroll-themed pop up cafe until 13 August 2017. So if you are a huge fan of Cinnamoroll, make sure you check out the cafe because I assure you, you would be squealing "omg omg so cutteeee" to no end. If you aren't a fan, please don't bother. 

Food: 3/5
Price: $$/$$$ 
(I mean it's not expensive per se but it's really overpriced)
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5

Flying Clouds Cinnamoroll Burger- $17.90

I shall not comment on the name of the dish and instead focus on the food itself. My favourite part is actually the chips with nacho cheese. Don't get me wrong, the super adorable mantou burger with crispy chicken katsu isn't that bad. I'm just sad about having to eat the face of my favourite character.

In all seriousness, the mantou burger was soft and the chicken katsu was decently thick (thank god). I'm not a fan of the biscuit ears though because it's really sweet (might just be sugar?). But you know, objectively speaking, for $17.90, I could get a REAL burger (i.e. one with thick and juicy beef patty or patties, if you're at fat boys).

Fluffy Dreams Japanese Curry Rice- $21.90

Okay firstly, I'm sure I've been robbed of 2 tempura salmon because the picture in the menu showed 5 of them. And I wouldn't call it fresh as claimed in the menu- it's a little dry and hard, but it is tasty. I like the thick Japanese curry and the (small) Japanese sticky rice.

Moving on to drinks!

Floaty Cloud Iced Cafe Latte- $9.90

The coffee is from UCC and while I sipped on this delicious and thick iced coffee, I tried not to spasm at the price tag. But it is a decent cup of thick iced coffee with delicious whipped cream and sweet cookie, way better than the colourful drinks they're serving.

Sweet Fluffy Dreams Rose Tea- $13.90

So the rose tea is very very sweet by itself. We didn't add the cotton candy, not that we even knew how to. We tried pushing the cotton candy into the drink, thinking that that should be how this drink is drunk. But we gave up after several violent attempts to drown the cotton candy. We decided to remove the stubborn candy altogether and left it on an empty plate.

And this left us with a very sweet rose tea (which tasted slightly syrupy). $13.90 leh. Sigh. Damn you and your pinkish blue magic.


And here's a picture of some of the desserts they have! So so cute to look at!! We didn't order them though because... well they're really expensive and we'd paid $70 already for 2 drinks and 2 mains.

The eclairs are going for 2 for $7.90 or 4 for $13.90 if you're wondering.

Moving on to how the decorated cafe looked...

DSC01742 DSC01740

I do think the cafe would look a lot cuter/prettier if there were more dashes of baby pink. Having it mostly baby blue makes the place a little dull in photos.

DSC01736 DSC01747

All in all, the place is super adorable and the food has been decorated really, really well. I also love that they have Cinnamoroll plushies for you to carry and take photos with at each table! Plus I think the fact that Shirley Wong (a.k.a. Little Miss Bento) collaborated with Kumoya on the menu is a big help. She's known for her amazing looking bento designs.

But honestly, the food is just super overpriced and mediocre at best, as with all themed cafes in Singapore thus far. I wonder if a lot of the money goes into paying for the licence to use the character. Any ideas?


Cinnamoroll x Kumoya
8 Jln Klapa, Singapore 199320

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