Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stateland Cafe

Gone were the days when waffles were just plain and buttery. With tons of new cafes popping up recently, brunch food has gotten more creative, and waffles, which is a popular brunch food, have undergone quite a change too.

Before this whole brunch craze started in Singapore, I usually just visit an ice cream parlor for waffles and ice cream. Gelare has amazing waffle by the way. Still one of the best waffles out of the many ice cream parlor I've been too. I don't think Udders' waffles are that great.

I digress...

So anyway, Stateland Cafe (which is pretty new by the way!) is one of the hipster cafes serving waffles in many different flavours. And I decided to visit them because they have RED VELVET WAFFLES!!!  I am a huge, huge fan of red velvet everything so waffles are no exception!

(p.s. I think the only other places serving red velvet waffles are Waffles Slayer and Oblong. Gonna give both a try real soon!)


The Red Velvet 

Chocolate flavoured red velvet waffles with cream cheese and vanilla ice cream. I love how the waffles are really crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. Plus there is a hint of chocolate. Really GOOD waffles. The cream cheese gives the entire waffles the red velvet touch and is really delicious. But I have to say, the cream cheese does overpower the chocolate flavour of the waffles a little. But well, I'm a larger fan of cream cheese than chocolate so.....

And of course, who doesn't love their waffles with ice cream?



A genius creation of chocolate waffles, torched marshmallows, caramel biscuits and Belgium chocolate ice cream. Again, the waffles are really really good. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This chocolate waffles have a stronger hint of chocolate than the red velvet one. The only downside though is that the combination of the waffles, marshmallow and chocolate ice cream can be a tad sweet and gelat. So be prepared to share this yummy dish!


Strawberry Lemonade

As I don't take coffee, and their lemonade is home made, I decided to give it a try. Seriously, I do not believe in paying crazy prices for tea bags which I can get off the shelves. So as much as I am adverse to fizzy drinks, I would rather have their lemonade.

It's really refreshing especially on a hot day. However, it is a little too sweet for my liking. Maybe just the lemonade without the strawberry syrup is good.

Overall, Stateland Cafe definitely serves up one of the best waffles!

Stateland Cafe
30 Bali Lane
Closed on Tuesdays

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