Friday, September 5, 2014

#ootd: June with the roomie and the bestie

Yes, this was in June. And it's now September.

And I've been gone for about a month now because omg what the hell I swear working kills social media. And given that I've shifted to another firm and my workload has doubled, I have absolutely no idea how am I going to keep up with posting on this little space.

P.S Trudy Toh since you damn free now do you want to be my assistant?

But anyway, I'm (sorta) back from the dead a little, since I'm back with a post! And I really need to get a new camera soon because I've returned her DSLR. And now I'm stuck with either a DSLR or a 4/3. Because one is way to big and heavy to bring out and the other does not have the quality of pictures a DSLR produces.

#whyislifesohard #firstworldproblems

But anyway, first off, pictures with the bestie, who is getting hotter and hotter by the day what the hell. Look at those legs!!! (while I become fatter and fatter by the day T.T )

IMG_5121 IMG_5120 IMG_5123 IMG_5133 IMG_5137

And then, (office) roomie and I in matchy matchy jumpsuits for brunch!

IMG_5142 IMG_5176 IMG_5147 IMG_5174

Wa I'm making a model out of trudy <3

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