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De' Pop Culture

(P.S Before I start, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the people behind Yummypin for inviting me to this food tasting session. I like how they value genuine comments on food rather than commercialized food reviews. I mean, seriously not everything in this world can taste that perfect right?)


De'Pop Culture is one of the newest addition to the already bursting scene of cafes at the Haji Lane area. Officially opened about a month ago, De'Pop Culture stands out from the rest of the cafes because of its menu- a mixture of the usual brunch food as well as fusion food. 

And of course, a great ambiance is a given for any new cafes. You're either really clean/hipster-ish or colourful and fun. De'Pop Culture falls into the latter.

IMG_6535 IMG_6538

The place is decorated with bright yellow and pink walls, giving the place a vibrant feel. This place is well adorned with quirky pictures as well, staying true to its Pop Art theme.


And now on to the food!

I love how they have colourful soda drinks which go super well with the entire theme of the cafe. Plus they look super good in pictures.


I had the ice lemon tea as I tend not to consume fizzy drinks. I love their ice lemon tea, it's not too sweet and it has the right balance of lemon and tea. Which by the way, is not really a simple balance to achieve. Most ice lemon teas I've had are either too sour or too sweet.


We had three of their special mains.


Black Pepper Crab Spaghetti 

My absolute favourite has got to be the black pepper crab spaghetti. The black pepper sauce is simply amazing. Super fragrant with the right amount of pepper used- not too spicy such that it overpowers the pasta and crab, nor is it too thick such that you get super 'gelat' after a while. And a plus point is that they use real crab meat. 


Crab and the Dog

The black pepper crab pasta is just one of its fusion food. We were also served a dish called crab and the dog. It's Italian pork sausage served in a bun with chilli crab sauce, with fries and salad. 
I love the chilli crab sauce, though I think the bun can be a little dry. The salad's good since it comes with yummy Japanese sesame dressing. 



De'Pop breakfast platter for 2

We had the De'Pop breakfast platter for 2 as well. It's really HUGE and served on a lazy Susan! That's a first! My favourite part of the breakfast platter has got to be the brioche topped with scrambled eggs. The brioche comes in a mini circular size, and is lightly buttered and slightly crispy. Coupled with the creamy scrambled eggs, the combination is simply heavenly. 


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake 

As for desserts, my favourite has got to be the chocolate peanut butter cake. It's surprisingly at the right level of sweetness, and rich in peanut butter, making this a delightful treat. We were told that they use less sugar and preservatives when making the cake. This is truly home made goodness. 


Apple Crumble

De'Pop Culture serves an amazing apple crumble with ice cream as well. The apples remain crunchy, unlike many other apple crumbles.I love the crumbles as well because it gives a lovely contrast to the juicy apples.


french toast feat. banana-tella

They are also known for their french toast feat. banana-tella. Two thick slices of french toast with banana, drizzled with caramel and comes with nutella dip. As the caramel sauce is a little light, be sure to dip the toast with nutella for a fuller flavour. 


Panna Cotta

They have a special panna cotta served with raspberry and red wine sauce as well. Though I couldn't really taste the wine, the panna cotta is still yummy. The texture's really silky and smooth. It is also slightly firmer than the usual panna cottas.

De'Pop Culture 
#01-01, 749 North Bridge Road


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