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Anthesis is a little hard to reach by public transport because of its location at Robertson Quay. However, it is a delightful place to go for brunches because you get a great view of the river (if you opt to sit outside in the burning heat of course). 

I really like Anthesis because of its really minimalist-and-slightly-dim decor which gives off a really chillax/hispter feel about the place. 

Plus they make and sell their own range of bread! I love bread, but unfortunately I did not have enough space in my stomach for them. 

Time for a round 2 at Anthesis soon!


Piccolo Latte

Trudy's comments:

"I could taste citrus and chocolatey flavours. I REALLY LOVE IT. Rich chocolatey aroma wafting from the tiny cup. Packs a punch and it's so good without sugar."


Eggs Duet- $14

Cheaper and probably nicer/more unique than the Pegasus Breakfast (see below!). I love the little homemade buns- they're slightly sweet. And the egg frittata is thick and good. I love their scrambled eggs (with smoked salmon) too. I think the only complaint I have is that this dish needs more eggs!


Truffle Fries- $12

Every brunch place seems to sell truffle fries and honestly though I don't think truffle fries are ever worth the money. Because the truffle oil in all honesty isn't all that expensive, maybe $40 a bottle? And you only get a drizzle of it over a huge portion of fries. I used to just import truffle oil from Amazon but since I seldom use it, I had to throw away almost full bottles of them.

But ranting about price of truffle oil aside, I think something about truffle oil makes it the best combination with shoe string fries. Anything else thicker just doesn't quite cut it. I think it's because you can't really taste the truffle that much if you have thick slices of potato to chew. 
So unfortunately, I am not a fan of their truffle fries. Plus they were a little too dry. Which makes eating them a little painful. I have to say Trudy and I didn't even finish half of it. 

IMG_5163 IMG_5165

Pegasus Breakfast- $28

I'll be honest, I just wanted to try the baked egg  pot pie and only the Pegasus Breakfast has it. I assure you there's so much food on the plate, it's a little hard to finish. So you have the egg pot pie, bacon, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, smoked duck breast, toast and salad. 

That really is A LOT of food. For a hefty price too of course.

The last time I had baked egg pot pie was in Aussie and it was amazeballs. The one here was not so much though. Pretty average in my opinion. But I think if you've never had baked egg pot pies before, this would probably set the standard for you. I think I was more impressed with their sausage and scrambled eggs. Bacon tastes like bacon and it can't go wrong. Smoked duck breast and salmon were both tasty. I like the toast too, crunchy but soft on the inside.


#01-01, Robertson Blue, 
86 Robertson Quay

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