Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Selfish Gene Cafe

Weekends are perfect for brunches and dressing up in street wear! So about a month back, bff wanted to check out Selfish Gene Cafe, one of the many little cafes around Outram! It's relatively less crowded there, which is great because it makes a really nice place for just having a really chill and relaxing meal. And not to mention, unabashedly sitting there for hours to chit chat! After all, one of the cons of going to a really popular and crowded cafe for brunch is that you're kinda pressured to leave when you finish your food or risk getting dagger stares.

Selfish Gene has a different menu for weekdays and weekends. But the breakfast portion in both menus are similar.

Breakfast Plate

Honestly, no one can go wrong with sausage, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and toast. I mean they're all really simple comfort food and almost impossible to screw up. 

Actually ah, why do people pay so much for such simple food ah? I honestly think brunch food in general is overpriced. But somehow I'm still a huge sucker for it. But I have a totally legit reason: My mum will literally kill me if I go near the stove. But if I have my own place next time I would totally make my own brunch please.

Okay I lied. I'll be too lazy and busy rolling in bed to do so. I need to find a husband who cooks. 
(Trudy please take note and add on to the list thanks)

So anyway, needless to say, the Breakfast Plate was nice. What I really like about it is the toasted brioche- really fragrant, thick and chewy even though its toasted. The scrambled eggs are good. They're creamy and slightly watery. I think a lot depends on whether you prefer watery scrambled eggs or dry scrambled eggs.

I love scrambled eggs. I should probably start going on a hunt for the best scrambled eggs in Singapore. Suggestions anyone?

The Valerie

Now this is interesting brunch food. Home made summer berry compote, cream cheese, scrambled eggs and toasted brioche. I would willingly pay for anything home made and I gotta say, this is totally yummy! It's nicer than the Breakfast Plate, if you love sweet stuff. The summer berry is really sweet but combining it with cream cheese and spreading them on toast?! YUMMEH.

Selfish Gene Cafe
40 craig road
singapore 089678

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