Sunday, August 3, 2014

#ootd: roomies edition + La Marelle Cafe

La Marelle is a halal-certified cafe nestled in Bugis. They're supposedly great for their coffee and being a coffee addict, the (office) roomie wanted to give this place a try after our lunch at Itacho.

First impression? This cafe is really colourful and instantly brightens up the mood! I love how every wall is a different bright colour and displayed along the sides of the walls are arty farty crafts waiting to be bought.

IMG_5083 IMG_5079 IMG_5087 
Iced Espresso

This drink is supposed to be the highlight of the place, since it's made from a 500 year old secret recipe. The drink will be prepared and shaken in front of you. Pretty cool huh!


And trudy says "this is a refreshing ice espresso with a hint of ginger. Won't order it again thought. I think one shot of it is sufficient. Back to my cappucinoooo"

But that's because the roomie isn't a fan of ginger. It's pretty interesting to have ginger in coffee.... I think. Not a fan of ginger either. 

Passion Sunrise

Since I don't take coffee, this is my go-to drink as it's supposedly one of their most popular iced teas! I can understand why! The blend's really refreshing and the different slices of fruits (there's peaches omg!) definitely makes this a really yummy drink too. And given that the weather's sizzling hot, nothing like an ice cold glass of tea to cool down! My only qualm is that it's a little overpriced. I think it's about $8 a glass. Or $9. 
Either way, it's really pricey!

Didn't have any food because we came from lunch at Itacho. But from what I saw when I was there, their croissant's a popular choice and it comes with sides like scrambled eggs and sausages! Comfy brunch food for sure!

Anddddd what's visiting Haji Lane without a few outfit shots?


A casual saturday with a super comfy pair of denim jeggings from Uniqlo! Love love love how stretchy it is and breathable! Extremely important that anything long must be breathable in this crazy Singapore weather!


Roomie's in a pretty dusty green dress from A for Arcade! And we're both wearing Mitju heels! #loyalmitjufans

Oh and roomie's wearing a really pretty shade of red from VDL. It's a surprisingly wearable colour called Jared that would go well on both fair (i.e. roomie) and dark (i.e. me) skin! How often do you find a shade of red that goes well with all skin tones?


Trudy: "Wa my lips look damn kissable."

Single, hot and pretty lawyer (with kissable lips) here, fyi.

La Marelle Cafe
25A Baghdad Street Singapore 199664
T: 8138 7654

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