Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pre-Summer Diary 2013: Australia; Thoughts

My graduation trip last year to Aussie was nothing short of amazing. I wouldn't hesitate to say that Aussie is truly a place I would retire in. Everything is so much prettier, fresher, slower, brighter (and more expensive except liquor, which is fine by me!). It really felt like I was truly living. 
The last I checked, I haven't posted anything about my travels in about... 7 months? I've had the Aussie pictures all ready to be posted almost a year ago. But of course, I procrastinate and I always post entries late, like REAL late. I didn't even post anything about Korea until almost 2 years after the trip! And of course with my procrastination, or rather the fact that I REALLY AM FOREVER BUSY, the Aussie pics were never posted. And well, everyone knows (or will now know) that I broke up in December and ph went with me for my grad trip. So needless to say, I have hesitated ever since, to post any of the Aussie pictures. And let's just say, ph and I were just one of the complications contributing to the non-posting of pictures, 

Yet, I would occasionally look through all the pretty pictures and think to myself how it is such a waste that no one would get to see them. They were all so beautifully and well taken by ph, who expended much time and effort learning how to get the perfect shot before the trip, and he expended even more time and effort editing the pictures one by one. Although he has never showed off his works to anyone (though I always felt he should because they are amazing) I just felt that I should at least share some of them, just to do the pictures some justice at the very least. I mean they are really postcard worthy!!

So after much deliberation, I've decided to post mostly scenic and food pictures (with maybe a few random pictures of myself because that is the MOST uncontroversial type of picture I can show, I mean it's just my face on my blog what.) And of course, a few photos of the triple As- Audrey, Amelia and I.  

And of course, the post shall end here because I procrastinate, yet again. But no, it's 11.53 pm and god it's so damn difficult to maintain a blog and still work full time. I come home and regardless of what time it is, I just want to melt into my bed. I mean when I was studying, I post like... 3-4 times a week but now I probably post like once a month.... I totally understand why some bloggers have to forgo either their blogs or their career. Maybe if I start churning a 5-digit figure from this......

But anyway my training contract is ending in 1 day, or more accurately at 6pm later today, and I am kind of thankful for the few weeks of break because I can rest and fully recharge. But seriously, anyone who knows me knows that that is utter crap because I just end up filling up my calender with tons of stuff to do or people to meet up with. Because I would always regret not having enough fun or doing enough stuff or going to enough places during the holidays. And then I would regret after my holidays that I did not spend enough time nua-ing at home. Brilliant. 

I can't believe I've just coughed up an essay and bore everyone to tears. #occupationhazard

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