Monday, July 28, 2014

Itacho Sushi

So I've been feeling really sua gu for not having had Itacho Sushi before. I've always seen freaking long queues during lunch and dinner times, and I've never had the good fortune to join the queue because everytime I wanted to try, I'll be rushing from one place to another.

And now that I've dragged my roomie (office roomie, again guys, just to clarify) to have it with me one fine early Saturday afternoon, and without having to queue, I kinda thank god I never once managed to join the crazy queues for this.

Honestly, Sushi Tei is still much better. Itacho is cheaper, but I don't think the difference in price is that great to warrant me queuing for so long. I would honestly have Sushi Tei anytime over Itacho. Sushi Tei's still nicer and fresher.

Really, what is the hype with Itacho Sushi? Maybe it's been so over hyped, it's kind of disappointing when I finally tried it.
  IMG_5037 IMG_5035

Okay, confession time: this meal was probably 3 months ago. Yes, my posts are horrendously backdated. But what to do, I just want to sleep (or die actually, most of the time) after work and I need my weekends to nua my ass off, and then the cycle repeats itself every week.

But anyway, the whole point of this is to justify my next sentence. Trudy and I cannot remember why she doesn't like the unagi sushi, except that she just really didn't like it. I didn't eat the unagi sushi so I am of no help.

Yep. Moving on...


I don't really take sashimi but I really like seared salmon sushi especially with cheese. I've had amazing ones at places like Koh Sushi & Grill and Japanese Sun & Moon Dining. I've had disappointing ones at the Standing Sushi Bar. Given the hype over Itacho, I sort of expected really yummy sushi. 
But unfortunately, it really is just slightly above average at best. The salmon slice is a little too thin so it isn't shiok enough. And the salmon tastes really bland somehow.

Same for the raw salmon sushi which the roomie had.


The chicken karaage was recommended by the roomie and I must say it's actually pretty good. It's marinated really well so it's super flavourful and yummy. And it isn't fried too oily either. You know how some chicken karaage are just oozing with oil and you can see that the meat's all shiny after you bite off a part of it? Yep, heart attack in bite size pieces.

IMG_5030 IMG_5028

HUGE fan of Japanese omelette here! I really really love the ones at Sushi Tei and to date, I have yet to find better ones! The ones at Itacho are pretty decent. They're thick and juicy enough and I like the ones stuffed with spicy tuna because the tuna adds a nice touch of flavour. But I would like them thicker and slightly colder. I gave these a try because one of my friends told me that I absolutely have to have it at Itacho.
Again, I think it's pretty decent, but I'm not too sure about the 'absolutely have to have it' part. 

Okay so in order to try and understand why I am possibly one of the minority who do not actually enjoy Itacho Sushi, I googled and browsed through a few blog posts. 

1) tons of people love it because it's super cheap, especially at happy hour, because one sushi can cost only about 80 cents a piece! 
2) further to the above, it tastes better than sakae sushi. 
3) many of the raw fish sushi comes with thick slices of raw fish (which somehow I don't feel the same for the salmon one?). 

In all honesty, I think Itacho is pretty decent for the price and probably the reason why it's so popular. I guess I was probably expecting more since I've heard that it's good (as opposed to just being cheap).

Itacho Sushi (Bugis Junction)
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

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