Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Roosevelt's Diner & Bar

The initial plan was to explore Duxton, but because of the insane weather, bff and I decided to just pop into the nearest cafe we can find at Outram Park Mrt. Roosevelt's nicely located just right next to the MRT exit so it's really convenient!

The place is pretty big and the decor's really cool and modern with those humongous transparent glass windows, and it really feels like we are in a totally different country. Their walls are lined with large photo canvases which are really pretty. I would give full marks for the ambiance. Plus it's surprisingly quiet on a Saturday!



Garlic Prawns - $12
We had garlic prawns to start off the meal. It's extremely good! The prawns were large, very fresh and juicy. And who can resist fried garlic bits? My only qualm is that it's way too pricey for a few pieces of prawns.


Eggs Roosevelt- $17
This dish is pretty unique because it's poached eggs on potatoes! It's actually quite yummy and the potatoes were soft + the runny hollandaise sauce = shiok. But I have to say it can get pretty jelat halfway so be sure to share!


Candied Bacon Beef Burger- $20
I was googling what to have at Roosevelt's and it seems like they're known for their burgers. So although, it isn't brunch appropriate for me, I thought I should still give it a try. 
Honestly, I didn't like it. It was too oily overall. Might be because I can't stomach oily food for my first meal of the day, which is why I really didn't like my burger. I didn't think the beef patty was fantastic. In fact it was a little dry and lumpy. The bacon was just really oily, as is with all bacon. So nope, I really didn't enjoy the burger unfortunately.


Roosevelt's Diner & Bar

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