Friday, May 16, 2014

Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is well known for its fresh and yummy sushi. But do you know that they have more than just yummy sushi to die for?

One fine night, when the roomie and I ended work at the same time before 7pm, Trudy decided to grab me and run to Sushi Tei at China Sqaure. 

Reason? She wanted to prove to me that the salmon sashimi salad at Sushi Tei is pure bliss. She had been going on and on about it for weeks!

Speaking of which, this is the second post in a week whereby the place covered is recommended by Trudy. I call this week: Week of Trudy. *cue trumpets*

(Go ahead, roll your eyes at my very bad attempt at being funny at 11pm after a day at work)

Salmon Sashimi Salad with Sushi Tei Dressng

So anyway, pictured above is the much raved about salmon sashimi salad by the roomie! The ones on the menu aren't actually purely salmon sashimi. You will need to request for it at an additional cost of $1 (I think). And choose the Sushi Tei dressing to go with the salad! Do not pour the dressing all at once or risk having very watery vegetables and diluted dressing at the bottom of the bowl. 

And yes, I concede- this salad is goddamn delicious! I wouldn't mind having it everyday, if only my pocket would allow it :'( 
The vegetables are super fresh and crunchy, the sashimi is very fresh too (and I am very picky with my sashimi!), and the Sushi Tei dressing is extremely good! It's slightly sourish but not overpowering!

Tip: Ask the waiter to have the salad dried so that the leaves are not too wet! This would ensure that the dressing will not be diluted. 

Unagi Sushi

Since I didn't try this (I hate eels) here's what Trudy has to say: 
"The eel was slightly tough and lacked flavour the unagi sauce was the only thing that saved it. I'm embarrassed to say that even genki sushi has better unagi sushi.  However, i did not try the premium eel sushi at sushi tei. this one was the normal one. but if the normal one sucks... i wont wanna risk paying more for an (possibly) equally disappointing premium unagi sushi"

On a separate note, Trudy's word vomit has put me to shame :'(

Sunflower Egg Roll

Who would have thought of wrapping salted egg yolk with squid? This dish is part of Sushi Tei's Spring into Season promotional menu. It really is a unique dish which may not actually resonate with everyone. Personally, I find that the taste of squid did nothing to the salted egg yolk and vice versa. In fact, having both together tastes a little weird to me, especially when one has such a mushy texture while the other has such a springy texture. 


This simple egg dish is the bomb and I like it even better than the sashimi salad. But that's because I'm a HUGE sucker for tamago and I always have to have tamago sushi if I ever eat sushi. And what can be better than tamago sushi? 100% PURE TAMAGO BLISS. hahhaha. 

I love the one here at Sushi Tei. It's really sweet, juicy, thick and even when left out on the table after a while, it still remains cold! Very refreshing to the tastebuds!

So the next time you visit Sushi Tei, consider cutting down on the sushi and ordering a salmon sashimi salad and a plate of tamago instead!

Sushi Tei (China Square branch)
20 Cross Street China Square Central 
Singapore 048422

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