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Restaurant Week 2014: Garibaldi

I was supposed to try Garibaldi last year but I've received mix reviews for it so I decided to give it a miss. This year however, my friends narrowed the list to which Garibaldi was one of the choices. And since I've never really heard of the other restaurants, I suggested that we give Garibaldi a go.

I'm really glad we did though, because it was really good. Or maybe I was just so, so scarred by my experience in Los Primos that Garibaldi was just heavenly in comparison. Ha.

But no, really. Garibaldi is objectively good, though one of the mains was disappointing. More of that below!

And once again, I did not bring a DSLR because the weather was so, so hot, I didn't want to carry a weight around.

Yes, I give you permission to curse at my sub-standard photos. Hell, I'm even screaming at myself.

2014-04-20 05.56.41 1 

Now like every Italian restaurant, they serve free-flow bread to start before the food comes. I really love their bread because it's really fragrant and soft, and the crust is dotted with cheese so it's slightly crispy and salty.

2014-04-20 05.56.58 1

Cannolicchi Spadellati Con Scalogno, Agrumi E Mais Dolce

This means marinated razor claims with shallot confit, citrus fruit salad and sweet corn sauce. The first thing you notice is the amazing presentation of the dish. It's beautifully decorated with the right colours. The clams are juicy and sweet, and when paired with sweet corn sauce, are simply amazing. The sweet corn sauce reminds me of sweet butter but hopefully with lesser calories. The citrus salad is refreshing and pairs well with seafood in general. 

2014-04-20 05.56.01 1

Petto D'Anatra Croccante Con Purea dD Mele Caramellate E Mousse Del Suo Fegato 

Translation: Pan-roasted duck breast with caramel apple puree and duck liver mousse
This is the disappointing dish. The duck breasts were unevenly sliced and as a result, they all had different levels of chewiness. The thicker, the chewier, which is a pain when it comes to meat. Meat isn't meat to be chewy. It's meant to be tender. And I think it's worse that the part of the meat used is breast meat, known to be the driest part of meat.

We didn't really enjoy this dish, which is a pity because the puree is delish!

2014-05-08 10.50.55 1

Pasta Casereccia Alla Prescatora

The shortest dish name of all, this is the casereccia pasta with seafood ragout, olives, basil and fresh tomato sauce. 

Given that the duck dish was a disappointment, this was definitely the better main dish. It was my first time having casereccia pasta and I really love it. It's chewy and thick and it goes so well with the chunky seafood ragout. I prefer shorter and thicker pastas so spaghetti and angel hair are usually my last two choices. The seafood ragout is really delicious and sweet, not just because of the tomato sauce, and the portion of ragout is huge!

2014-04-20 05.58.06 1

Semifredo Al Lamponi Con Meringhe E Salsa Al Frutti Rossi

Raspberry semi-freddo, meringue and red fruits sauce. Never had semi-freddos before and I gotta say I didn't expect it to be soft. The crisp meringue gives this otherwise jelat dish a good balance. And surprisingly, this dish isn't as sweet as it looks.


And of course, its time for photos of us-- the amazing people who burst our pockets (and weight) to bring you this post! 

2014-03-22 13.43.54

Introducing the 2 people whom I think may be appearing on my blog for the very first time! Wei Cong on the left and Han Rui on the right. 

The last time I met these 2 guys is like, 1 year ago? Hahahah we are all such busy people it's so hard to coordinate our schedules! Plus we didn't feel the need to meet up so often since we were all in Caderas together back in school. But now that we have all graduated, it's time to make meetups happen!

2014-03-22 13.42.34

And everyone knows Mel, the person whom I always complain to have such flawless fair skin, I look like  different race next to her :(

2014-03-22 13.41.33 2014-03-22 13.40.47

But anyway, do consider giving Garibaldi a try next restaurant week! Great service and yummy food, though I have to say, not as great as Forlino! Forlino is still my favourite so far!

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
Address: 36 Purvis St, 188613
Phone:6837 1468

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