Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat

Now you know your relationship with your roomie has moved up to the next level when she brings you to one of her favourite places since childhood for dinner on a Friday night. "I've always only been here with my family! And now I'm bringing you!" Trudy proclaimed excitedly. 

I swear my love for my roomie is infinite. 

Not that kinda love guys. Friends forever kinda love. 

And this was actually many months back! Trudy had to repeatedly remind me to post this up on my blog. So just imagine our friendship level now! Nope you can't because it's OUT OF THIS WORLD. #funny 

So apparently Thien Kee Steamboat is a Hainanese style steamboat which  has been around since ancient times because even my parents know about them! And they even thought they've closed down! But no guys thank god they're still around today so that I get to try this highly raved place!

2014-02-21 20.53.39 
Guess what Trudy's doing while waiting for food?? SHOPPING at Love & Bravery. Thanks to this woman, I have become so so so broke from buying office clothes. 

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(p.s. trudy's so pweettyyyy omggg)

All in all, I LOVE THE CHICKEN RICE OMG. I mean fragrant chicken rice with normal steamboat dishes?! Brilliant combination! Plus their satays are really yummy and sweet :D My only regret was that they ran our of chicken so I couldn't try it :( I need to go back! 

2014-02-21 21.00.07

The soup base is really sweet, steamboat is just, well, steamboat and I do know of a few places with good soup base too. But what makes this steamboat place stand out is really the chicken rice, satay and chicken.

2014-02-21 21.04.00

My only complain, is the price. I think it's really overpriced for such a small portion and especially since many places offer buffet.  Nonetheless this place benefits from being around for so long as the crowd on a Friday night is MAD and we were neglected for a good while. So I got to give them a thumbs down for service too as Trudy and I actually walked around the whole shop (2 of them in fact just opposite each other) a few times looking for a seat by ourselves. Even when we asked for help with our seats none was forthcoming. Okay fine that makes it two complaints. But still a place worth going and well-loved evidently despite it all! Oh and make sure you call them up and check if they allow any reservations before heading down!


Golden Mile Thien Kee Steam-Boat Pte Ltd
Address: 6001 Beach Rd, Singapore 199589
Phone:6298 5891


  1. Hi! I'm Juri from Korea searching for some places to visit this winter. Last winter I came to Singapore and I got to be huge fan of Singapore. So I'd like to visit this year again. Anyway do you think this place is good for foreigners to visit? Or do you know any other places worth to visit? If you respond this, i'd really appreciate it. Thank you. Bye~

    1. Hi Juri!

      Welcome to Singapore in advance! Really glad you like this little country :) Yes Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat is a great place to visit and it gives you a truly Singaporean experience. Another place that I really like with many yummy local food is Old Airport Road food centre!

  2. Thanks a lot. I' m aleady very excited to go that places. Your posts help me prepare my trip to Singapore a lot. Have a nice day!

    1. Aww that's so nice of you Juri! Have a great stay in Singapore :)


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