Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Coco Ichibanya

I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Japanese curry rice. I think I need to eat it at least once a month, or I will have a crazy craving for it driving me to eat it a few times in a week.

I actually haven't found a really really delicious Japanese curry rice in Singapore which I would die for. Ever since Curry Favor near SMU closed its doors, I have been on a perpetual hunt for a replacement.

And sadly to no avail.

I wouldn't say the one at Coco Ichibanya is fantastic, but it really isn't too bad either. The curry is thick and sweet. You can choose the level of spiciness, and I think if you actually get the spiciness level right, you might actually end up with one hell of a curry rice. But something's still lacking in the curry. I can't quite point a finger to it, except that it's really nothing special- nothing I haven't tasted.

Maybe the original branches in Japan are better? Everything back in Japan always taste better. Even Yoshinoya.

But of course, it does fix the mad Japanese curry craving I have. Like I said, it's thick and sweet. Right level of thickness and fragrant enough. They serve a generous amount of curry such that each mouthful of rice drowns in curry sauce. But you get to choose the amount of rice too so I guess if you choose the largest amount you may not have your rice drowning in curry, It might be the other way round.


I had the pork katsu curry rice. I truly believe that anything in 'katsu' form has to be pork. Something about chicken just kills the flavour and the batter. Plus pork katsu is always juicier than chicken katsu.

Needless to say, the pork katsu turned soggy after sitting in the ocean of curry. Nonetheless, the curry goes really well with the pork meat and packs a delicious punch. Plus the proportion of batter to pork is just at the right amount- not too much or too little! 


One thing that's great about Coco Ichibanya is the value for money add-on set. It comes with either a salad or dessert, and a drink. The salad tastes pretty normal and anything tastes great with Japanese sesame sauce. 

And although I sounded like a bitch while giving my two cents worth on their food, I would actually dine here again because of my goddamn Japanese curry cravings which hit me way too often. 

Coco Ichibanya
201 Victoria Street

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