Sunday, May 11, 2014

Arbite @ Serangoon Gardens

Call me slow, but despite living near serangoon gardens, I have never ever tried Arbite until now. I've heard of good reviews but something about the word brunch just makes me think of exotic/hippie/cool places rather than anywhere near home.

So me and a few of my caderas friends (whom I have now affectionately name them as The Brunch Squad) decided to visit Arbite for brunch. Hr is super reliable, I can always count on him to make reservations without any prompts and be on time (thank god, really)  for every single one of out outings. He will make such a good secretary :) Or boyfriend. Yes ladies he is single. Go for it :D And hr if you're reading this, this  little promotion is my reward for your reliable-ness :D

But anyway, my point of saying that was to tell you guys to reserve a space before heading down as they are really full on weekends! Plus the place isn't big so seats are really limited.


Coffee which I cannot describe because I don't drink them. Jey says: It's not bad. 
Trudy where are you?


Apple Strudel Pancakes- $14.90

Served with vanilla ice-cream, this dish is great if you love sweet stuff for brunch. The pancakes are really soft and fluffy, which are perfect! They serve a generous portion of apple chunks which are really sweet and the cold vanilla ice-cream adds a touch of creaminess and coolness to the warm pancakes. 


Duck and Eggs- $13.90

This is probably my favourite dish out of all that we tried that day. Most brunch dishes with poached eggs would come with salmon, so who would have thought of adding duck instead? But holy moly! The combination of poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, cheese and duck is just explosive. I really love the duck meat too, it's pretty soft and not too dry.


Truffle Beef Burger- $19.90

The beef patty was soft and juicy, so overall, the dish is pretty good. However, the overall taste of the burger isn't exactly something memorable, and in fact, tastes pretty average. Definitely not one of the best burgers I've had.


Smoked Salmon Florentine- $14.90

I really love my order. There's a slight twist to the usual dish- cream spinach. Cream spinach gives this dish a slightly sour-ish taste and the cream mixes extremely well with the hollandaise sauce. You would think this sounds like a jelat dish, but this is where the sour-ish taste saves it all!

Plus the cream spinach gives the foccacia bread an extra punch of flavour.


Truffle Fries- $12.90

Surprisingly, this thick bunch of fries actually tastes great with truffle! Most of the time, truffle fries consist of shoestring fries as they're crispier and given that they're thinner, it helps make the taste of truffle more prominent.

However the thick cut fries here are really good and packed with the taste of truffle! I really love how the fries are super crispy on the outside, yet soft and warm on the inside. Plus they don't taste too oily!


And now... photos of The Brunch Squad!

IMG_4882 IMG_4881 IMG_4877 IMG_4894


66 Serangoon Garden Way, 555962
Phone:6287 0430

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