Sunday, April 20, 2014

Restaurant Week 2014: Los Primos

This has got to be the worst restaurant week meal I've had. I have absolutely no idea why this place is even on the list. I mean the food's not even average. The only great thing about its restaurant week menu is that for $35, it comes with wine. But honestly, no. For $35, I've had much better restaurant week dinners. In fact for $35, I'd rather eat something else. I highly recommend that this place be struck off the list of restaurant week restaurants.

So we get to choose 3 tapas each and I didn't know that they would be served on top on baguette/bread. Which is fine, except that I think the combination of, say, the ratatouille and baguette/bread is just wrong. The ratatouille is extremely mushy, and given that the bread served isn't even crispy or hot, I feel like I'm eating a lumpy piece of bread with sour vegetables. I mean, at leave serve them on crispy toasted baguette. And the baguette/bread is way too thick. I taste more bread than any of the food on it.

2014-04-12 06.33.54 1 2014-04-12 06.34.20 1

The better tapas flavours are the spanish omelette and honey eggplant with cheese.

2014-04-12 06.34.49 1

Next came the main dish. I forgot its name in Spanish but it's basically noodles with seafood. When the best part of the dish is your noodles, which honestly just taste like normally spaghetti noodles, you know you've failed terribly, unless you made your own noodles. The seafood is not fresh, at all. We couldn't even bring ourselves to finish the food.

2014-04-12 06.35.04 1

Then, our only last hope for this meal, the churros. We were praying that the churros better be good because if not, I mean honestly, why does this place even exist. But alas, why does this place even exists?!
The churros are way to oily when I bite into my piping hot churro, oil just oozes out!!! And all I can taste of my churro, is oil! OIL!



The unfortunate people who got to try Los Primos for restaurant week dinner. 

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