Saturday, April 12, 2014

#ootd: roomies edition

IMG_6484 IMG_6494 IMG_6495 IMG_6491 
Blazer: Bershka
Pants: H&M

Photos taken on an iPhone and edited on Lightroom

Another round of ootd pictures from Trudy and I! This was taken one afternoon where we both decided to dress up in blazers! Honestly, my love for blazers is endless, which is why I really really hate the weather here. When I was in Aussie, I could wear blazers all day and not sweat a single drop! And not to mention, I have tons of blazers, cardigans and jackets at home, which aren't seeing the light of day, because they simply cannot come in out the day.

It's the second week in the row where I've got to cancel plans and work again! And I am weirdly content. I didn't think I would be such a workaholic. But I guess it really helps when you like your job. And it helps even more when you're single and have no one to commit yourself to, because then you commit to your job and it rewards you really well :D And, being tired out helps to keep unwanted thoughts at bay too. So really, all in all, I love being busy with work.

But I'm taking today out to spend some time with my family. My dad took leave today and brought us around the East for a little food trip! I love spending such times with my family. Especially since I've started work and my dad's off days are Wednesdays, I don't get to spend that much time with the whole family.

And of course, I took some time to resume blogging too. I'm so so sorry that I haven't updated in like... 2 weeks? The past 2 weeks had been the busiest weeks of my life and I'm kinda looking forward to the busy weeks to come. Yep, officially a workaholic.

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