Monday, March 17, 2014

When 2 girls watch 300: Rise of the Empire...

Summary of the movie in a few commentaries:

"You know how to differentiate each of the parties? Don't need to look at their cape. You see the ones with the nicest abs are the Spartans. Followed by the Athens, then the Persians who actually have no abs scene."

"I wanted to watch the Spartans in action but walau they only come out in the last 10mins?!"

"The Persians confirm all die one, they so ugly!"

(During the fight scene between the two commanders when there was a moment when they paused, Trudy burst out..) "JUST STAB HER DAMN IT!!!" 

"Did you see the god king's eyebrows?! Damn ugly leh walau he think calligraphy ah?" 

"I feel like I'm playing a video game every time they fight."

(And during the sex scene...) "What they doing ah? Are they trying to kill each other while having sex?" "They just like it rough la."


And folks, Trudy and I make very good movie critics don't you think???

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