Monday, March 24, 2014


20130922-170804-DSC_0132 20130922-171508-DSC_0149 20130922-171312-DSC_0145 

I was actually trying to just show off my really cool and cheap new kicks from Forever 21! This fake leather pair cost only $15!!!! And I'm decked from head to toe in Forever 21!!!


And this is where we went to take these pretty photos! A really cool place lined statutes of very famous people! I call this the Batman building and it's pretty near Bugis mrt!

20130922-171721-DSC_0154 20130922-172440-DSC_0163 20130922-172021-DSC_0157

Rushed home from work today to rest my abnormally tired body. 
Must be the lack of sleep + the battle in my body against the invading viruses (I AM FALLING SICK UGH) + that time of the month. 
I can't believe it's been 3 months at work! And I can happily say that I like my job :)

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