Sunday, March 16, 2014

#ootd: roomies edition

I realised that I have been using the word roomie a little loosely. I introduce Trudy as my roomie to everyone and I think that got people confused a little. Most think that I've moved out and am now staying with Trudy!

But unfortunately guys, sorry to disappoint you all, but I am still straight as ever and no I have not moved out. Trudy is my office room mate-- meaning we share the same office room!

I hope that clears the air!

IMG_4858 IMG_4866
Me feeling all hippie that day! Matchy-matchy with the old school surroundings!

Top: La bella vita (i think!)
Bottom: cotton on
Shoes: H&M
Sunglasses: Mango (my favourite!)

Trudy is a fan of the colour green! In a full outfit of green which I gotta say is really nicely matched!


It's finally the weekends!!! This week has been nothing short of tiring. First time ever that I had to work till 330am 3 days in a row :/

Did a lot of shopping with the (office) roomie today and boy did we walk and talk and buy A LOT. AND WE WATCHED 300 TOGETHER IN A THEATER FILLED WITH BOYS AND COUPLES.
So so proud of our coolness and our even cooler commentaries! Gonna type that out into a separate post real soon!

Have a great weekend ! :)

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