Sunday, March 2, 2014

National Geographic: 50 Greatest Photographs

Here's a few of my personal favourites when I visited the exhibition months ago! There are many reasons why I love these photos. I love animals so any great photos of them definitely becomes a favourite. Many pictures on man just well.. speaks out to me. I just feel like I can connect with the picture emotionally and I feel like I can actually feel what the subject is feeling. Which honestly, is pretty amazing for a photograph. 

20130923-172326-DSC_0384 20130923-175540-DSC_0408 20130923-182244-DSC_0421 20130923-183150-DSC_0426 20130923-183912-DSC_0430 20130923-171624-DSC_0378

This is my personal favourite. Something about the fierceness and power of the lion's stare just draws me in. 
And fyi, it's biting another LION. 

20130923-172128-DSC_0382 20130923-172912-DSC_0387 20130923-180130-DSC_0413 

This iconic photo which everyone recognises.


The same woman 20 years later. 


"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."
- Karl Lagerfeld

How true are these words. I can only look at them and remember the good times that are long gone.

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