Sunday, March 30, 2014

Miam Miam

Hi guys! Again, I apologise for the lack of updates because I've been sick (and still am) and I spend every minute sleeping when I am not working! I hate falling sick because I can't sleep during work :( And I refuse to take MC because I need to make up for it and that means it eats into the date of application to get called to the bar :'( :'(:'(

So I've been hanging out at Bugis recently because I can wear shorts and slippers and look like a JC kid all over again.

Okay no, not really. Well at least I try my best to fit into the young crowd. Omg I tell you all those kids look so so young I feel like stabbing myself every time I see a fresh young face... To think that I was like that too 5 years ago.... :'(

But anyway, every time I walk past Miam Miam, there's a freaking long queue. So I decided to finally try it out one day and see what the hype is!

Miam Miam is a French cafe with a Japanese twist. Somehow the food there reminds me a little of Hoshino Coffee at Plaza Singapura. I gotta say though, the food is good, but I don't think it warrants such a long queue. Thankfully, the queue clears reasonably fast- about 15mins when I was there.

2014-03-29 11.45.14 1

Iced matcha & Iced matcha latte with matcha softee

Honest opinion: I really don't like either. The iced matcha tasted diluted and just ugh.. Why did it cost $6+?! The iced matcha latte one tasted better because of the softee which gives the matcha a slightly thicker and creamier texture. Maybe it's just me, but i like my matcha thick. For very good matcha I HIGHLY recommend Nana's green tea at Plaza Singapura!

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Miam Miam Spaghetti

First of all, I'm sorry that the picture looks washed out. I thought it looked really good after editing it on my phone but I guess that's only the case when looked at on a Samsung screen. 

So anyway, this is supposedly highly recommended. And I can see why.
The soft boiled egg adds a really delicious kick and leaves the pasta slightly watery with egg. The dish is slightly garlic-ky and the sausages and bacon balances this dish with their slightly salty taste. Plus the mushrooms are juicy! Overall a pretty well balanced dish!

2014-03-09 05.37.30 1

Souffle au curry

Honestly, I was impressed that there's an equal amount of rice and souffle. I mean Hoshino Coffee's souffle had a pathetic amount of rice, it felt like I was having a dessert. The one here at Miam Miam wins points for portion, and of course the soft creamy yummy souffle top! It adds a nice touch to the Japanese curry rice which was a little plain due to little ingredients. I remember having 2 long slices of sausages and that's about it? But anyway, I would highly recommend sharing this because the Souffle, being thick with cheese is pretty gelat. Coupled with Japanese curry which is also thick, this dish can get really gelat. 

Overall, Miam Miam is a delicious place to dine at. Would go back for more of it's Miam Miam Spaghetti! 

Miam Miam
#02-14, Bugis Junction, 
200 Victoria Street

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