Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flock Cafe

Photo Credits: Trudy

So the (office) roomie and I ventured into our very first cafe hunt together on a sunny Saturday morning. Because, you know, seeing each other 5 days a week just isn't enough for us. That's how DEEP we are.

But no, really. Trudy being a food lover and has a dslr has decided to be my pseudo boyfriend until I find a REAL one. So for now, she helps me to keep this blog going with nice pictures! And yes, I blogged about how I will get a new semi-pro camera once I get my pay but you know, I realised that I have A LOT of other things I need to pay for and save up for (like my call break holiday!!). That's the part of the price of becoming an official working adult.

And... all of you coffee drinkers will be glad to know that Trudy is an avid coffee fan and affectionately calls herself the 'coffee bitch' because she's so so critical about coffee. So she takes over all the coffee commentaries! And given her strict criteria, if she says it's good, MY GOD IT HAS TO BE LIKE HEAVEN.


Trudy: Cappuccino was bad because it failed my milk coffee ratio and so it does not need further explanation with regard to it's quality. Basically it lacked the coffee flavour.

Coffee non-drinker me had a cup of fresh juice! Which of course tasted like juice.


Eggs Royale
Personally it isn't great. Just pretty average and nice to look at/take photos of. The Hollandaise sauce lacks a bit of flavour to it so it's a little bland. However, Trudy felt that it was a little tangy, as if there was a little bit of lemon in it. But on the bright side, the salmon's good and balances out the otherwise bland and creamy Hollandaise sauce. The muffin's well toasted. It didn't become chewy even after the dish cooled. Oh, and the price is pretty decent for brunch!


Banoffee Cake and Gryphon Tea
Call me slow but I've never heard of and much less had Banoffee cake in my life! Trudy was so excited about it that I was of course, hell bent on trying it. And MY GOD that's like the best cake ever-- banana and toffee! Such a genius combination!!! However the toffee is only at top 1/4 of the cake. The remaining 3/4 was more banana than anything else. Trudy says it isn't the best but to me it's objectively good enough! Slightly sticky, with a strong banana fragrance and texture that's not too heavy, I really do think it's a yummy cake!

Trudy: The mocha was better (than the Cappuccino) but not fantastic. Again it lacked the coffee element but was saved by the richness of the chocolate. I have had better mochas. 

IMG_4840-2 IMG_4841 

Man, we sure ate quite a bit. I guess we must have returned to being teenage girls for a moment because we weren't full after our eggs royale. Either that or the eggs royale isn't filling because it's rather small. Maybe our intense conversation on history-- spanning from World War 1 all the way to the Cold War, increase our appetite that afternoon.

Flock Cafe
#01-25, 78 Moh Guan Terrace (Tiong Bahru)

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  1. I love Flock Cafe too! Plus it does give you some quiet time :)


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