Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Strangers' Reunion

So I know everyone's going to Strangers' Reunion for their waffles. I swear that's only because Xiaxue posted a picture of it on her Instagram. And then suddenly that place exploded with people. 

(based on what I can remember, I don't think the food was THAT fantastic. Cool place, yes. But fantastic food? No. Okay fine maybe it's because I didn't try the waffles. But still!)

But because back then there were only two of us and we were more of the savoury than sweet kinda people, we chose calamari over the waffles. There were afterall only two stomachs. 

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I know Strangers' Reunion is known for their coffee too! But I don't take coffee so I'm relegated to iced chocolate :( Which honestly I don't really love chocolate either. 
But their hot chocolate is pretty decent! Really thick! I just wish it came slightly colder!

Okay and I did a google search to try and figure out what exactly are the names of each of the dishes I ordered. But to my horror, I couldn't find any names. Somehow they don't have an online menu. And I can't find anything else on google either. So I shall just uhhh... describe the dishes. 


I THINK this is corn and zucchini fritter with avocado and poached eggs! 
I really like the tomato-ish thing at the top because I think it's a great sweet-sour alternative to the conventional hollandaise sauce for poached eggs! And I love avocado so I was instantly sold by the large portion of it.  The combination of mushy avocado on the crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside corn fritter is really interesting and they balance out each other pretty well!


I actually forgot what this is. I think it's omelette? Well it certainly looks like one! 
But taste-wise, if I don't recall wrongly, it was pretty good. I wasn't too amazed by it but I liked it at the same time. Guess the place was over-hyped so I came with sky high expectations. But to be objective, the food is decent! Just not too sure if it's worth the crazy queue nowadays!


 I recall very clearly that I didn't like the fried calamari. A HUGE reason was because I had this after I came back from Aussie and I swear to god Aussie has the BEST fried calamaris EVER. Super soft, melt-in-your-mouth and fried to perfection squid with very light and crispy batter. They were heavenly and so I was really disappointed by the ones at Strangers' Reunion. 
The ones here were too chewy and I felt the better was too heavy and not exactly seasoned well. 
Not recommended really. Unless you have an insane warped love for squid. 

Strangers' Reunion
Address:37 Kampong Bahru 
Phone: 62224869

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