Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lola's Cafe

BACK with another food post! It's been a crazy busy week so I hadn't have the time to update this space much! If I had any time, it would be spent on sleeping. Honestly I've felt like I've aged 5 years although I've only been working for a month. 

So anyway, I love cafes and so do another 10009839483 other people. So I was kinda hesitating about whether to share this cafe I found. But I'm praying it's too out of the way for most people to bother. And yes, for once, I'm admitting that Hougang area is goddamn ulu. So please don't come to Lola's cafe thanks. 

So this cafe has been named one of the best new hidden cafes in 2013. And I hope it stays hidden because I don't want my queue of 15 mins to become like 30 mins or more. 

Lola cafe serves AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME BRUNCH. NO JOKE. Sinfully simple food at affordable prices. Seriously, the BEST combi ever. I mean most brunch places are expensive! But not Lola's Cafe!

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Sunny-side stacked sandwich - $13
wholemeal bread with ham, tomato, cheese, avocado, bacon and sunny side up eggs complete with shoe-string fries! Now tell me you're not already salivating after reading that! I absolutely love the combination of all the flavours it's all things sinful combined <3 But thankfully the sinfullness is balanced out with some avocado and tomatoes!


Lola's full monty breakfast - $15
I love the bratwurst it's super juicy and the scrambled eggs' soft and fluffy- really great texture! The oiliness of the bacon and bratwurst is nicely balanced out with the salad which is lightly seasoned. 


Mushroom and cheese toast - $10
Now this is so simple, it's genius. Who would have thought that mushroom and cheese toast would be such a bomb? The thickness of the creamy mushroom resembles that of mushroom soup, just that it's toasted on a bread with cheese! Absolutely a joy for the tastebuds. Plus the brioche is thick and really crispy which gives this whole dish a really good kick in the mouth!

Say hi the the BFF <3

Overall, Lola's Cafe is now my favourite cafe because it's not too far from my home and it serves affordable yummy food! Even the dinner menu is amazing! I had the chicken wings and crabmeat pasta plus a few desserts. Simpy heavenly <3

Lola's Cafe
Address: 5 Simon Rd, S545893
Tel: 6284 0349
Closed on Mondays 

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