Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week Long

Okay it has been like a week long since I last updated this space. I hope this blog hasn't died! I've been really busy with work and even though I don't leave work that late, every time I reach home, I just want to pass out on my bed. Plus it doesn't help that I've been really distracted with my Plants vs Zombies 2 game on my phone, which by the way, is AH-MAH-ZING. It's the only phone game that I play and complete in my entire life. 

Oh and I think I'll probably do up a food post on what to eat in Circular Road soon? I've been lunch-ing there everyday and sometimes even dinner-ing!

And have I mentioned starting work is such a pain on my wallet? I have a SERIOUS lack of work clothes and it's not acceptable to wear any of my bodycon skirts because then everyone thinks you are either a hardcore clubber or just pure skanky. And length is another issue. I think I rambled about how I cannot stand girls who go to work in super short clubbing bodycon skirts/dresses before right? Those that are like 1 inch below your ass. I mean honestly, professionalism hello? Maybe their jobs don't require any professionalism. But then again at the age of 20+, if you don't want to look professional when you work then what kinds of look will you be aiming for? 

So again, photo updates from mostly my phone! Because my wallet has a perpetual hole that has been increasing ever since I started work. So no semi pro camera photos yet! Bff lent me hers but without a charger -.- and I have no Canon products -.- So if anyone has a decent camera, and isn't using it, please lend meeeeee (p.s. ph if you're reading this, this is directed at your DSLR too). 

Starting off the post with a night out at Zouk on a Friday to celebrate dear Liesel's birthday! There was some cool photobooth there too so we took a couple of fun shots! Dear Audrey joined us later and we HAD A BLAST. Can't remember the last time I was at a club and didn't feel old.  FYI this was after work okay. I didn't go home to sleep or anything, straight to dinner, Fiv and then Zouk. And no I did not wear that bandage skirt to work, just in case people think I'm now a hypocrite. I brought a change of skirts!


Oh and yes, a bit backwards in order, the same night spent at Fiv before I headed to Zouk. This was with some really old friends, i.e. a friend I haven't spoken to since Secondary 3, and a SMU ex-Caderas friend I haven't spoken to since.... Year 2? And then with the same old Jey. Poor guy, had to be our babysitter that night and listen to us whine non stop about our sad lives hahahahaha. That's his role since he had nothing happy nor sad to share. 

And by the way, I swear the Asahi barrel at Fiv suck. It tastes like diluted beer, though I'm told it's just the taste of that particular Asahi (there's dry and super dry and black or something???). But still, really bad, but really cheap. Pocket got hole so don't have much choice. 

I swear I look so goddamn tired in photos nowadays. Look at those eyebags :( 


I've been hanging out pretty often recently with an old JC friend too! Especially since she plays darts so near my workplace after her work! I've joined her a couple of times to play but I suck so bad. Although I've hit the bulls-eye a couple of times, I think the amount of times I hit out of the dart board is too significant to be negated by the number of bulls-eye I had.  Thank god half the time I'm too tired to feel embarrassed. The dart bar we go to is called Shooters and it is located at Circular Road! You can sing karaoke for free there too! 


Okay that marks the end of the updates for now! I have tons of photos in my phone which I swear I will get to soon. It's just that editing is such a pain, or rather having no one to edit my photos for me is such a pain. #woesofasinglewoman

P.S Trudy sent me a really cute video of two kids dancing latin on America's Got Talent! Makes me wanna go back to dance again. But honestly with all the politics in Caderas. Ugh.

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