Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pagi Sore

HI GUYS! Yes it's been ages since a last proper food post! Honestly I can't say this one will be a proper one either because I've had this ages ago (i.e. many months back) and I cannot remember exactly the taste of each dish anymore :( I can only remember what I felt was good!

So maybe a drool-at-yummy-food-pictures post instead?

20130831-124711-DSC_9452 20130831-124925-DSC_9453
This Tahu Goreng dish is the bomb! A must order when you visit! I remember the skin to be super crispy and the flesh to be super soft so it makes a really nice contrast of textures! Plus the sauce is thick and sweet at the right level. Really good!

I remember the rendung to be good too. Love thick curries!
20130831-125104-DSC_9460 20130831-125020-DSC_9457
And that, my friends, is the rice. I THINK it's wrapped in.... pandan leave? Or is it banana leave? Okay I have seriously NO idea because I can't recognise the different kinds of leaves, except maybe coconut leaves. Which then again looks like papaya leaves. Wait, do they? 

Pagi Sore Indonesian Restaurant (Telok Ayer Street)
#01-01, Far East Square, 
88 Telok Ayer Street 
Phone: 62256002

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