Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Visiting the doggies in JB!

Enci, a friend I met back when I was interning at Aequitas Law, has a bf who lives in JB and since she kinda semi-lives there too, I decided to go visit the both of them because a) I've been dying for her to bring me out to eat yummy and cheap seafood, b) she has 3 dogs and I really wanna play with them!

So off ph and I went to JB in the early noon with his parents first to make his spectacles (Gucci siol!) and then we had a really yummy lunch at a popular shop called Jing Seng!But more of food in another post because it's time to show you guys super duper cute pictures of the dogs (and me)!!

20130721-165825-DSC_8755 20130721-170204-DSC_8768 
Such a warm welcome from all 3 playful doggies! 

Love this beautiful shot taken by ph. Super skilled and wallpaper worthy!

Ph who didn't really dare to touch the dogs because he was afraid of them. Hahahahahha. Look at the dog's expression! I wonder who is more afraid of whom! 

Finally! A little more love!

20130721-170950-DSC_8786 20130721-171027-DSC_8789
Enci with her pretty Korean hair! Imma get myself some too after my exams end!

The one who loves to stand like a human. All the time I'm telling u! 

And finally trying out the awesome Enci's bf's  Mercedes ride! I LOVE CONVERTIBLES! They're super cool and stylo looking don't you think? I'm so much more bent on getting my BMW 650i. May I make partner soon so I can afford such stuff please..

20130721-172552-DSC_8809 20130721-172946-DSC_8816 20130721-174114-DSC_8820

With the biggest sucker of the group. He LOVES to suck up to anyone who comes so that he gets showered with all the love and attention. But hey, IT WORKS. He was so so so so sweet I couldn't stop petting him!

Can't wait because it's my birthday this weekend! WOHOO!!!!

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