Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hey everyone! I'm really super sorry for the lack of updates. It's just that so much as happened ever since my exams ended on Friday. As of now, I've lost the drive to connect- i.e. I'm just withdrawing myself from social media, from the rest of the world. Something like just shutting myself off for a while. I loved blogging because I loved sharing all my happy moments. I continued to do so even though at times I lost my drive, because I always had him to support me and encourage me to continue. Much like the love for food, my interest in blogging kinda started out with him and lasted with his encouragement. I've tried many times to write something, to keep this little happy space updated. But most of the time, I just stare blankly at it because I don't really know how to post happy posts with the current state I am in. It just doesn't seem real, all those happy photos. He bookmarks my blog so that every time he opens his web browser, it's the first to open automatically. I wonder if he would continue to do that. Am I foolish to hope that he will?

Also, I'm a little worried about how I'm going to maintain this little space. He does all my photos so I think I need a new plan to continue with HQ pictures and not just merely all camera quality photos. Deep down, I guess I secretly hope that the both of us continue to work on this little space because he's been part of it for 3.5 years. It's a lie to say it's my blog, it's OUR blog because once again, without his photos, this blog would be just words and nothing else. So for people who loved the photos here, you guys have got to thank him for it. 

I'm really sorry for such a emo post. I just thought that I should explain my absence. And for those who read this little space every day, I'm really thankful because without you guys. I promise this space will be updated soon with a lot of nice and happy pictures. Just give me some time. Because if you read my blog for quite a while, you would know that 99% of the posts are backdated and therefore there's TONS of pictures of us still unposted and all. But hey I will be able to do it soon. Like I said, just give me some time to shut myself off for a while. 

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