Friday, November 29, 2013

Summer Diaries 2013: Kuala Lumpur Day 5

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The last day in KL started off with hunting for yummy wanton mee at Chinatown. This one called Koon Kee is really famous and delicious! But I would say it's more like the Singapore style than the Malaysia style (with the black sauce and all). After breakfast, it was time to visit some temples as part of sightseeing and part of my family's tradition of praying when overseas for a safe trip home!

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Us happily decked in our new clothes we bought from KL! Another family tradition-- always wear new clothing back home! 

Our flight is at night so we had time to travel for lunch! Decided to try another famous dish in KL-- banana leaf rice! Though we sort of have this in Singapore, somehow I feel that the KL one has more flavour in the veggie and rice. Plus the banana leaves are larger than the ones we have back home!

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The meal was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and I love the fried chicken the most! Super good-- crispy and juicy! And I have to say one of my favourite food in KL has to be this yummy banana leaf rice! It's so fragrant I cant even! BUT that being said, ph and I researched on the places to eat at which perhaps explains why most of the food we have in KL are all yummy. We LOVE GOOD food. Must be good okay, if not please don't waste my time. After all, we don't get to go to KL every week, and neither do I want to because IT'S SO FREAKING HOT WALAU. It's as bad as SG. 

But KL on the whole is great because we get to eat good food for 5 days, had one of the best karaoke experience in our lives (Red Box Plus in Pavilion!) did all the sightseeing (like FINALLY!) and did I mention how everything is really cheap (love the cab fare especially, if SG was like that I would cab everyday!).  

A dedicated KL food post soon perhaps? 

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