Friday, November 22, 2013

Summer Diaries 2013: Kuala Lumpur Day 4

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It was Father's Day that Sunday we were in KL. And since singing is one of my dad's favourite hobbies, we decided to treat him to an amazing buffet lunch singing session at Red Box Plus located at Pavilion Shopping Mall! Red Box Plus owns every single karaoke place in Singapore because the room is super big suite, clean, and the karaoke system is super touch-sensitive! Plus the speakers are good and they gave us 4 microphones with hygiene covers! We all loved it Red Box Plus very very much!

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After a hearty karaoke session, we continued with our plans for sightseeing. We visited the National Mosque and once again, I am ashamed that this is my first time visiting it though it is my 4th/5th trip to KL. It was interesting to wear a sari and explore the big and extremely beautiful mosque, and to learn more about the religion. 

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We then went to a park a short distance away from the mosque. The only reason why I had to visit was because ph told me there were deer to touch!!! I was super excited and couldn't get over wanting to pet animals ever since I returned from Aussie and had pet my fair share of kangaroos and wallabies. 
However, the deer were really shy and fast in sprinting away once they sense that you're about to touch them :( I had no food with me while some other children brought some bread to offer the deer, and boy did they crowd close to the children :( It's bread for goodness sake since when do deer eat bread anyway >:(
Lesson learnt: always come prepared with food for all animals. 

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Dinner was spent at a famous Nonya restaurant near our hotel, at Chinatown. The food was yummy and encompasses all the goodness of Nonya food-- thick curry, fragrant rice, superb desserts. Though I had to say, choosing dinner places that day as a pain in the ass. We initially wanted to go to this chicken place and when we cabbed there, they were full all the way til 9pm because of Father's Day. There was no way we could wait till then so we had to reluctantly leave and decide where else to go. I was pissed though because it was my last night there and I wanted to try the chicken so badly :(

But all was well when we had a great Nonya meal and ended off the night with crazy load of drinks (much more than usual)-- 1 tower of beer, 1 jug of whisky coke and 10 shots of I forgot what. To be shared by 3 of us because my bro refuses to drink (he's only 13) and my mum is such a lousy drinker. 

Oh and we had ba kut teh supper after that which was super good! I love the soup so much and it was loaded with lots of stuff inside!

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