Thursday, November 14, 2013

Summer Diaries 2013: Kuala Lumpur Day 3

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Places visited: Batu Caves

Call me a mountain tortoise but this is my 3rd time to KL and my first time hearing about the beautiful Batu Caves! Can't really be blamed since most of the time family holidays are planned by my parents/ tour guides and somehow Batu Caves were never in the itinerary. The long flight of stairs were daunting to my parents, but not to me! Since I had ALOT of weight to lose after coming home from Aussie! 

We encountered many monkeys along the way up and boy, they sure are the attraction of the place! Extremely mischievous and smart, they would sneakily wait in one corner for any unsuspecting tourists who starts drinking from a water bottle. Then, they will swiftly snatch the bottle away and jump quickly to higher grounds to enjoy the newly stolen bottle of water! Pretty smart thieves I would say! I've seen countless number of tourists preyed upon and I had to watch my surroundings while taking a quick drink of water. There were a few times where monkeys were surrounding me and waiting for the opportunity to snatch my bottle away, but I ran away as quickly as I could. Sorry guys! I need water in this crazy Malaysian weather. 

If you ever head to Batu Caves, be sure to do the educational tour! I think it costs quite a bit BUT it's extremely rewarding because you learn a lot about formation of caves and the animals living in it. Plus you get to see bats too since there are plenty living in the caves! Definitely something you won't get to experience ever in Singapore. Plus, the money goes towards their conservation efforts! 

P.S I realised it's always been a week since I last updated! Sorry guys but I'm SWAMPED with studying for my upcoming Part B exams! Need to ace it or I won't even be able to become a lawyer! I'm trying out this new app called Dayre and it allows me to blog on the go. I'm going to see how it goes and in the meantime, you can follow me there to read updates on the go:

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