Sunday, November 24, 2013

3.4 years


Finally another short break from studying! It's me and ph's Monthsary today and we decided to have a nice dinner at Imperial Treasure Peking Duck Restaurant at Paragon! I'm wearing this amazing dress from ASOS! love how it makes me look slimmer and taller!
 Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant

I love duck to bits and my love for it could rival my love for beef!

I left it up to this boy to decide what to order because I had zero opinion. It was both our first time at imperial treasure and we were truly lost!
But thank god for the amazing manager who delivered impeccable service by patiently explaining and recommending different types of dishes to us! Plus she was super warm and kept smiling!

We were thoroughly impressed with their service we couldn't stop raving!

Here's all the food we had for just 2 of us- roasted duck, chicken and char siew; spinach tofu with mushroom; thai style fried prawn with vermicelli; wagyu beef cheek.
Omg everything was amazing! I love how juicy and tender both the roasted duck and char siew were, the beef cheeks just melts in your mouth and the tofu is super soft and delish especially with the layer of spinach underneath!

Super full and satisfied after the meal! And since I refused to go home and study we decided to drink a bottle of wine at Wine Connection!

Train selfie! Been so long since I took a selfie in the train! #don'tjudgeme

Loving my makeup! I swear Hera products are the best!
P.S had this copied over from my dayre because I'm too lazy to reblog on my Blogger. Which explains the different font and the huge spaces in between because apparently I can't make any changes or else the entire chunk will be deleted!

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