Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Third Anniversary!

People say that the third and seventh year of a relationship are usually the years plagued with the most problems and thus couples usually break up during those years. I have no idea how anyone came up with the numbers, but I do know that ph and I made it to our third! <3

Because it's THE third year, ph decided that we should have a grander celebration..... with the next grand celebration being the seventh year :'(  I love grand celebrations and I love it even more if I get to have them every year. *hint hint* (though I guess my hint will fail because ph admits that he doesn't read the content on my blog. He just stares at the photos because he took them -.- )

So the day started out with lunch at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants-- Watami. I swear when I get my lawyer's pay I will be freaking eat at Watami every month (and grow fat along the way). I simply love their beef sukiyaki and it is a MUST have whenever I dine there!


I like how ph lets me choose whatever I want to eat during special occasions like this! But because I'm a sensible girl, I try not to over order because I can be pretty greedy at times when I want to try everything! #foodiewoes

It was then time for our couple massage and spa! Ph got some special couple package with his credit card which comes with our own spa bath!!! Super shiok and relaxing! The masseuse's super good because I fell asleep almost instantly!

20130723-141451-DSC_8886 20130723-170210-DSC_8895 20130723-192359-DSC_8968
White tank from Fox, blazer from G2000, high-low skirt from Bershka 

Both of us were feeling super shiok after our massage and we'd love to roll around a little longer in the spa bath but we had dinner and a musical to catch! So up we go to grab a cab to have dinner at Morton's.

20130723-172102-DSC_8899 20130723-172522-DSC_890420130723-173350-DSC_892320130723-174900-DSC_8925 20130723-181408-DSC_893620130723-181616-DSC_895620130723-185620-DSC_8961

Honestly, dinner at Morton's is one of the most pleasant dinners I've ever had. The food is of course awesome but what made them stand out by a mile, is their impeccable service. Attention to tiny details like personalising the menu with a greeting; taking a photo for us and printing it out with decorations drawn to the card to commemorate our anniversary; wishing us a good time at our musical as we were leaving the place-- SIMPLY AMAZING. Ph and I were so touched by them, we couldn't stop smiling and complementing them the whole time. Then again, as aptly put by ph, " well you pay them so much money, of course they must do this right?"

P.S a dedicated food post on Morton's soon!

So after dinner, we headed to MBS to watch The Phantom of the Opera! I was extremely excited about the play because I've heard so much great reviews about it and that it is one of the best plays in the world! Of course the songs are brilliant! I mean it's Andrew Lloyd Webber!!! That man can't go wrong!

20130723-194603-DSC_8980 20130723-195711-DSC_8996

Sad to say though, I didn't enjoy the musical that much. I've listened to the original London cast and subsequent London casts on Youtube. Every single one of them was brilliant and I had such high expectations for the musical. But I guess there's always something about travelling casts that somehow don't match up in terms of vocal prowess to the casts permanently acting in West End / Broadway. And can I just say that ph fell sleep during the musical? What a waste of our expensive tickets :( We were seated about 8 rows from the front by the way. 


Happy 3rd and thanks so much for putting up with all my nonsense for so long ( of which you guys don't need to know ;) ) !

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