Saturday, November 2, 2013

October Fun

October has just past! 2 more months to the new year and growing one year older :(:(:( Looking back, I feel that this entire year has just flown by without me even realizing. One moment I was still studying for my final school exams, the next moment I was having my graduation trips, then came official graduation and then another round of studies for Part B. Part B lessons have just ended this week, which means 3 more weeks to exams. Holy shit! How did this year pass by so fast?! And before I know it, I would be starting work and joining all the grumpy working class grown ups.

Come to think of it, I doubt I have completed ANY of my 2013 resolutions! Then again, I never ever complete any. And to make things even better, I forgot what my resolutions for this year are.

Anyways, just a recap of October in pictures!

October started off with Restaurant Week! Had 2 places this time round: Forlino (which was amaze balls) and Latteria Morzerella (which was really only good for their morzerella balls).

Then it was Oktoberfest with my babes Amelia and Audrey, and our +1s at Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-CafĂ©! Not really great food, but for $55, awesome free flow of wine and beer! 
P.S do you know that Germans actually celebrate Oktoberfest in September and end the celebrations in October?

Finally meeting BFF's bf!!!! And taking some pretty polaroids <3 

Dinner one Friday night with the most awesome view! Ph was actually nagging at me for spending too much $ on food this month, so we bough hawker food from Makansutra and plonk ourselves down by the river to noms. And then went to grab beers at a rooftop bar -.- Yep, this is called saving $ on food so we can splurge on drinks. 
Trying out cotton candy frap for the first time! It's not on the menu by the way so you gotta specially order it at the counter! It's basically vanilla and raspberry. AND I've just learnt from Tina today that you can ask them to lower the sugar level for your drink! Wooohooo!!

Attending a wedding at W Hotel in Sentosa. That is one goddamn hard to reach destination and has LIMITED parking lots. Please don't ever hold your wedding there. Or if you do and I'm invited, I need a personal driver thanks. 
My bro and I didn't know anyone at the wedding so we decided to camwhore around the pretty hotel and gorge ourselves with desserts at the dessert stand OUTSIDE the main ballroom, where the wedding was held. Yes we are anti-social like that. 

Annndddd, my very first lunch with cousins from the lower batch! ( My cousins on my mum's side are divided into 2 batches: the older ones which are my and my two cousins; and the younger ones which are each of our siblings!) 
Having a student meal at The Ship (at Nex) and for ONCE I don't have to present my student card because I was hanging out with a bunch of Secondary school kids! Does that mean I can actually pass off as a teenager? :D:D:D Babyface maybe? (*hopeful eyes*) :D:D:D

Of course, what's October without Halloween?! You know I've always wanted to go trick-or-treat when I was younger? But we are living in Singapore, where the chances of having the door slammed at your face is 100x higher than getting any treats. 

A FREE LCD TV is the biggest highlight for our family this month! One of my dad's friends was giving away his LCD tv and just nice, my ancient SD tv broke down! Talk about timing!
This amazing ancient tv with a huge butt has been serving my family for like 16 years! Thank you so so much for all your hard work! Time for you to rest in whatever place all dead electronics go.

Annndddddd... Ending off the month and post with a very tired picture of me, taken just today! I was exhausted after a buffet lunch and 3 hours of singing. What a pleasant way to be exhausted. I wish I can spend everyday enjoying my life like this. *prays for money to drop from the sky, or grow from the plants*
I love Thai milk tea so much. I love how gao it is compared to the Singapore one. Here's me (and ph) having dinner at Golden Mile! Golden Mile is THE place to go for all things Thai.  

Okay that's a wrap for October! November will bring about stupid exams and then it's DECEMBER! Love my birthday month because, well duh, it's my birthday month! 

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