Thursday, November 7, 2013


So ph got really excited over this recently opened Mexican burrito place around Duxton. He read a blogpost on it and decided to spend our monthsary there because according to the post, Muchachos serves yummy and big burritos for a cheap price.


My expectation was undoubtedly set high. Gotta say though the place is way too small and it felt a little squeezy. I was almost elbow to elbow with the next diner.

So this is how you're supposed to order: you look at the menu from right to left and pick out one from each category. Pretty much Subway style. 

20130823-191639-DSC_9414 20130823-191738-DSC_9418 20130823-191918-DSC_9421

And there you have it! Your own custom made burrito! 


What do I think of it? MEH. Like honestly MEH. I didn't think it was THAT great. Talk about exaggeration. Would I eat a Subway over this any day? Yes I would. That's how I feel about Muchachos. It's pretty much in the same range as Subway. I think the portion is the reason why people love it and of course it being Mexican (and thus supposedly more exotic and exciting to eat). The beans taste okay, the meat tastes good and putting them all together, it's one hell of a decent burrito.  And at a really good price too! I think the normal size one is about $11?  But I guess my expectation was set so high that I was devastated. 

But all in all, and practicing my skill of objectivity: really decent Mexican burrito. Just thought I should bold + underline because many people don't really read, and that I should make Muchachos sound less horrifying because it really isn't.  

So all in all, no I will not go back again because if I want Mexican food, I'm heading to Chilis. Somehow I just can't get over the disappointment. And since it was our monthsary and I was that disappointed, ph decided to save the day by feeding me some yummy truffles fries and beer from P.S cafe. I mean, it was his GREAT idea to have Muchachos. By the way, the P.S Cafe branch at Ann Siang Hill is amazing! Love the outdoor rooftop drinking area-- you get the full view of the CBD!

22 Keong Saik Road

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  1. Hey angie, I've been there a couple of times. Honestly, the choice of meats/ fillings would really determine whether the burritos turn out great out meh. If you decide to go down again, try asking the servers for their ideal/ favourite combis. Personally, I love the fish with the refried beans.


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