Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crazy study week(s)

I should be a pro at studying for exams because as of now, I've been studying and taking exams for like 16 freaking years.  Honestly nothing wrong with locking myself at home and gluing myself to my books for 2 weeks straight before exams. Been doinfy it for so long it's a piece of cake to concentrate.  Yea right. 
I've been studying at a decreasing rate. I thought smu was painful but that was just 1.5 weeks of self confinement.  Part B is going to be 1 MONTH. Plus it doesn't help that there are twice the number of subjects in each smu semester. 
I love to dress up, go out and have fun or just simply chill. Not spend 1 month doing nothing but studying!
So thankfully amidst a crazy study period,  I had a few breathers: dim sum buffet with ph, relative's birthday bbq, lunch and Captain Phillips movie with ph. Took some photos too which are shown below! And I have another one to look forward to!  Monthsary dinner this Saturday night! 
But all in all, I'm super sick of studying!  Yes as much as I know I need to pass all of the subjects, I want 6 Dec to come real quick!

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