Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cafe Iguana

Cafe Iguana is no stranger to the Singapore night scene. A place that serves AMAZING margaritas and my to-go place for margaritas, no wonder it's super packed at the Riverside branch during Fridays the weekends. And I just realised that this is another Mexican food post. Mexican week here we go!!!!!

(honestly, Cafe Iguana would triumph over Muchachos while Chili's will forever be my No.1)

So anyway, I'm surprised that little people know about Cafe Iguana's amazing happy hour deals on a Saturday afternoon! One jug of house margarita goes for only $22 if I don't remember wrongly! I'm not sure if the same promo applies everyday but you just gotta go check it out online. I usually go on Saturday afternoons because I recalled the promotion to only apply on Saturdays. By the way, this post is in full reference to the Riverside branch! Not sure if the Greenwood one has the same deals!

And no, drinking in the afternoon DOES NOT MAKE YOU AN ALCOHOLIC. Just thought I should clarify because all my friends happily introduce me as an alcoholic to new people because, you know, I drink in the afternoon at Cafe Iguana. I think cheapo is more appropriate since I'm just grabbing hold of the deals. Okay now I can't decide which is worse- cheapo or alcoholic. No wait, I'm NEITHER. I mean seriously guys, many people in the world drink in the afternoon especially summer because the weather is so goddamn hot! Plus I'm doing everyone a favour by introducing deals to them right? Right.

Okay so now that we've established that I'm neither a cheapo nor alcoholic, let's move on!

Free flow corn chips with yummy salsa sauce!  And my favourite house margarita flavour has to go be SOURSOP! I love the balance of sweetness and sourness!

20130629-140529-DSC_7849 20130629-140910-DSC_7853
Me with icky fringe because sweat was pouring down my face and Ph with his cool as a cucumber face. Irritating how I perspire more than him. Does that make me manlier than him?

Beef Fajita for lunch! I think the beef isn't fantastic but I love Fajitas so.. Anyway the sauteed onions help to make the dish taste yummy! Downside of Cafe Iguana? Average Mexican food for an expensive price. Maybe that's why Muchachos may have an edge over Cafe Iguana, if you only wanna nom on burritos. 

Just go Chili's at The Central for good Mexican food and walk over Cafe Iguana for cheap margaritas! How about that! 

And one last random photo-- a close-up of my Dorothy Perkins top because I love the embroidery so much!

Cafe Iguana (Riverside Point)
#01-03, Riverside Point
30 Merchant Road

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