Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Budae Jjigae -- Seoul Yummy


Now I've seen their poster featuring the popular budae jjigae a.k.a Korean army stew many times and being a Korean food lover, how can I not try it out? So finally ph and I decided to give it a go during one dinner. It's $39.90++ for 2 I think and it comes with the army stew, free flow banchan (side dishes), an appetiser, dessert and drinks! Not a bad deal honestly!

And boy when the food came, we were SALIVATING.


The thing that makes Korean stews so freaking good is the soup base, and the one here at Seoul Yummy is no exception! Fragrant and packed with flavours, it is a delight to drink. And if you have the patience to wait, you can let the soup thicken into a gravy-like texture after letting it boil for quite some time and the soup turns into a mega shiok and thick gravy. Besides the soup, there's nothing special about the food inside-- spam, meats, vegetables, tofu, ramyeon, probably the only unique one is baked beans because the tomato sauce adds a little sweetness to the soup, though I feel that it's negligible. Oh and I felt like they didn't give a substantial portion of meat-- just a little pork, chicken and beef added together to form one small lump. Don't be fooled by the picture, it's really not a lot of meat. They piled them on top on lots of vegetables.


The pancake was yummy but much like all Korean restaurants selling pancakes. Either it's not that hard to perfect, or I've just been eating good ones all along. Because you know, I have a bf who has high standards in food.


Dessert was a pleasant surprise as I squealed in delight at the heat-shaped marshmallows, as any girl would. I chose red bean soup (I think) with mochi balls! MOCHI BALLS OMG I have infinite love for these round things and I would love to have them everyday, if only they don't add on to calorie count :(

Seoul Yummy (The Central Branch)
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Singapore 059817
Phone:6397 6937


So my love for stews are really endless and I have cravings for them every few weeks! But honestly, army stew is like a stew full of cheap ingredients  so I don't wanna spend so much eating them at restaurants. I mean ingredients like spam, meat, vegetables, baked beans, sausages, they don't cost that much in supermarkets!

So... one random weekend night, ph and I (with my brother) decided to make/cook army stew! The recipe we used can be found here: http://www.noobcook.com/budae-jjigae/

It's really simple! Just dump all the ingredients into an induction cooking pot and you're good to go! Which I why I can't this cooking. Because we didn't make the soup base from scratch. We just bought the pre-made Budae Jjigae soup base which you can get from Korean supermarkets (I went to Novena's), add in water, and let it boil with kimchi because the kimchi will add on to the flavor of the soup!

That's our budae jjigae! Pardon me if it looks crappy but IT'S REALLY SUPER YUMMY I SWEAR. And the best part about making it yourself is that you can add whatever you want to it! I gotta say we spammed tons of meat and golden mushrooms and our stomachs exploded after that. Super full!

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