Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pita Pan

Who says vegetarian food's boring? I love how Pita Pan delivers a fusion cuisine of vegetarian Mediterranean. My taste buds tingle each time I'm at Pita Pan thanks to the explosion flavors whenever I combine the vegetarian dishes. If you have yet to try Pita Pan out, I highly recommend the sharing platter because you get to try everything!

sharing platter with falafel balls 


See the pandan-looking rolled up thing at the back of the platter? I have no idea what leaf is that but omg the combination of it and the rice rolled in it is simply amazing. The rice is fragrant and slightly sour and the leaf balances the flavour nicely! I love the chickpea paste, pictured at the bottom left, and I'm amazed by how chickpeas taste so much better when mashed up. Because I feel that chickpeas can taste a little too dry at times, this soft and slightly sweet mashed up chickpea is perfection. 


What I love most though, are these falafel balls. Deep fried falafel balls which somehow tasted almost like I'm having fried meatballs, only much crispier. I'm officially in love with falafel balls though ph said that he had tasted even nicer ones...... in Middle East. Extremely helpful. 


And of course the purpose of pita bread is to allow you to pick and choose from the platter your own combination of vege yummy-ness! The pita bread is good too. Soft and chewy with a slightly fragrant bread small that all bread should have. 


Pita Pan 
Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard 
Singapore 039594

Note that there is another branch at Marina Bay Sands!

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