Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Inspirations for Fall

fall inspiration

I am officially obsessed with Rachel Zoe and The Rachel Zoe Project. A revered fashion stylist, her life is something only lowly peasants like me can dream of. Who wouldn't love to have designers as their best friends, attend all fashion shows, shop for your clients, dress celebrity clients up for the red carpet, go on 5-digit personal shopping sprees and finally, ladies and gentlemen, design your own line of clothing.

I've been spending my lunches watching The Rachel Zoe Project and subconsciously channeling some Rachel Zoe advice/inspiration into my fashion choices, and gushing about her non-stop to whoever would listen-- i.e. ph.

Anyway, black and white are pretty much the colours to go to for fall. As usual. However, black and white does not have to look boring! All you need are the right accessories, like a big maroon bag! A huge thing I'm into right now, is layering my rings. I bought a couple at only $5 from Forever 21 and I am officially obsessed. No huge chunky accessories this season, just plain, simple and gold. Oh and I'm forever looking for an affordable alternative to that pair of Saint Laurent heels. It's the perfect pair of black heels for any outfit. Another thing that I'm into right now, is the floppy sun hat. A feminine alternative to the trendy graphic caps that every teen is wearing right now, pair it with a sundress or any laid back outfit for that effortless chic yet relaxed look. Plus a floppy sun hat is great for every age!

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