Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kith Cafe (Park Mall)


Chicken Salad
So this meal took place right after my Aussie trip. As I put on like 5kg during the trip, I was bent to lose all that weight. The salad was light and refreshing thanks to the slightly sweet and citrus-y dressing. Other than that, everything about this salad is pretty normal. I wish the chicken had more seasoning on it rather than being largely plain with a little herbs. But hey, I guess that's the point of being healthy. 

Mushroom Truffle Soup
This soup is AMAZING. I'm obsessed with truffle everything, ph even got me a bottle of truffle oil from Amazon. Thick, creamy and full of truffle goodness, the soup is just the way I like it. The bread is good too, really crisp!

Corn? Omelette 
The reason for the question mark was because I'm only 99% sure it's corn. I recalled seeing the omelette on the menu and getting really excited over it. I don't get excited on normal omelette (e.g. ham, chicken, cheese etc) so it was either tomato or corn omelette. Pretty sure it wasn't tomato because ph hates tomatoes. But either way there's only 1 omelette on the menu and I absolutely love it! Who would have thought of putting something as simple as corn into omelette and created a genius out of it! I love how the omelette isn't overcooked so it's slightly runny inside and the corn just tasted so good with that egg.. Mmmmhhhh... Comes with salad , bacon, toast and avocado all of which are good. But the omelette is still the ultimate winner. 


Kith Cafe (Park Mall)
#01-01E, Park Mall, 9 Penang Road

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